Creative Commons, Melissa Wall

From Lot to Spot: Community-led Greenspaces in Los Angeles

From Lot To Spot (FLTS) is dedicated to creating community-invested greenspaces in low income, communities of color in the greater Los Angeles area one vacant space at a time. Demonstration projects are so important to proving concept models. Community engagement is a key component of their success. 

Fighting for greenspace equity in communities who have been neglected leaving them to endure outcomes that unfairly leave them vulnerable to many stresses: lack of health and wellness opportunities, lack of access to healthy foods, and the existing impacts of climate change. This work is part of a larger collaborative movement to make a systemic impact on equitable resources for all. Innovative greenspaces that not only help revitalize their community, but provide environmental benefits while creating social connectivity 

In the early 1980’s, the California Department of Transportation, Caltrans, constructed Los Angeles’s last freeway: the 105 or Century Freeway. However, when the freeway was completed, countless excess right-of-way vacant lands were left fallow and unmaintained for decades; left to degrade low-income, working class communities. These communities were left to assume responsibility for the blight and pollution they created. To date, FLTS has successfully created: 

 • 4 parks
• 5 community gardens
• 1 bicycle trail
• 1 large urban tree canopy
• 10 greenspace projects currently in development in communities such as Watts, Lennox, Lynwood, Lawndale, Echo Park