Mongabay: Global Reporting on At-risk Environments and Communities

Mongabay is a nonprofit environmental science and conservation news reporting platform that produces original content in English, Indonesian, and Spanish. Articles on Mongabay sites are read directly by more than 2.5 million people a month, including key global influencers such as officials in development aid agencies, government ministries that manage natural resources, top conservation scientists, business leaders, civil society and activist groups, and many others.

Mongabay was founded on the belief that credible and accurate information on conservation and environmental issues can inspire, educate, and inform, leading to increased awareness and accountability. To that end, Mongabay developed a network of more than 200 journalists to do on-the-ground reporting in 50 countries and produce high quality content based on the latest science. These efforts have enabled Mongabay to become a highly regarded and well-respected source of information in the conservation community. 

One of Mongabay’s core initiatives is its special reporting projects program, which focuses reporting on specific topics. These articles may include conventional news stories, in-depth features, investigative reporting, profiles, and case studies. Stories produced under the initiative are published under an open Creative Commons license, allowing them to be used commercially or non-commercially by anyone, ranging from local and regional newspapers, to government agencies, to NGOs. 

Mongabay will launch a special reporting project that looks at opportunities for protecting some of the world's most important habitats on land and in the oceans. These sites—ranging from the Amazon to Borneo to West Africa to the American West—are home to iconic species like tigers, elephants, bears, river dolphins, and gorillas as well as countless other plants and animals that play a critical role in maintaining these areas as healthy and productive ecosystems that contribute to planetary health.  

In writing these stories, Mongabay’s team of journalists will rely on cutting-edge mapping efforts and leading researchers to explore the state of the habitats, the impacts these places have on peoples’ everyday lives, environmental threats, and opportunities for conservation. Along the way these journalists will speak with passionate environmental defenders, who often times face grave threats for their efforts to protect the planet. This solutions-oriented reporting project aims to increase effectiveness in protecting these critical habitats.