The Fibers Roadmap: Integrated Capital Opportunities to Support Revitalization of U.S.-Grown Fiber, Textiles, and Leather

This report for grantmakers and investors lays out a seven-year vision for values-based investment and funding needed to support regenerative fiber agriculture and revitalize U.S.-based textile processing and manufacturing. The Fibers Roadmap, written by Sarah Kelley, Jenny O' Connor, and Calla Rose Ostrander, is a project of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders (SAFSF). Funding support was provided by One Earth, 11th Hour Project, Globetrotter Foundation and the #NoRegrets Initiative, Jena and Michael King Foundation, and an RSF Donor Advised Fund. In addition to the Roadmap, don't miss the 12 case studies highlighted in the report, which represent just a small slice of the innovative, place-based fiber system businesses that exist or are emerging across the country. Each one offers opportunities for funders and investors to deploy integrated capital approaches.

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