Global Canopy Programme: TRASE, a Big Data Dashboard for Supply Chain Tracking

Trase is an open-access online platform that revolutionises supply chain transparency for key globally traded commodities.

Connecting data sources in innovative ways, Trase maps how commodities such as soy, beef, timber and palm oil flow around the world, from the tropical forest regions where they are produced to the countries where they are consumed, identifying key supply chain companies along the way.

Trase represents a step-change in our ability to make the links between commodity supply chains, the companies involved and the places where those commodities are produced.

How Trase helps

Supply chains are complex, and that can make it difficult for retailers and consumer countries to guarantee their supplies are sustainable. For example, Brazil’s soy producers operate in more than 500 different municipalities across the country, from the Pampas to the Cerrado to the Amazon. These exports flow to more than 80 countries around the world, with more than 300 companies involved in the trade.

Trase shows where soy is being produced; it identifies the companies buying the soy from those areas, and the places they are exporting to. This information can then be mapped against local information on deforestation, or other environmental or social risks –  showing where there is a risk of harmful impacts taking place. 

Initially launched with data mapping flows of soy from Brazil and Paraguay, Trase is developing fast, with future plans to add all Latin American soy, beef from Paraguay, palm oil from Indonesia, and coffee and palm oil from Colombia.

Trase data and analyses can be used by companies wanting to identify sustainability risks in their supply chains. They can also be used by governments looking to promote legal and sustainable production, and by investors, NGOs and others who want to monitor progress on sustainability commitments.

Trase hopes to cover over 70% of the total traded volume in major forest risk commodities, including soy, beef, palm oil, timber, pulp and paper, coffee, cocoa and aquaculture in the next five years.

Trase is a joint project between Global Canopy Foundation
and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).