Partner With Us!

Partner With Us!

Photo credit: Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus) cluster together on the pines and eucalyptus trees during their migration to overwinter. Image | Shutterstock

At One Earth, we believe it's possible to solve the climate crisis and limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C through three pillars of collective action:

  • Shift to 100% renewable energy.
  • Protect, restore, and connect half of the world's land and oceans.
  • Transition to regenerative, climate-friendly agriculture.

The latest science spearheaded by One Earth shows that not only is the 1.5C goal achievable with existing solutions, but it's also far more cost-effective than our current energy system. This approach will avoid trillions in damages while stimulating the recovery of the global economy post-COVID.

We are dedicated to accelerating collective action to protect biodiversity, rebalance our global climate system, and create a future where all people and nature thrive together.

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Partner With Us

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