Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures: Beyond Conservation

Blue Ventures is dedicated to rebuilding tropical fisheries with coastal communities. The organisation works in places home to globally important marine life and some of the world’s most vulnerable coastal populations.  Its streams work alongside fishing communities throughout the tropics to design and implement practical measures to protect oceans for future generations.

Mangrove forests sustain the daily lives of hundreds of millions of coastal people, providing them with critical services from timber and fuel to shrimp, crab and fish.  They underpin wider offshore fisheries, stop coastal erosion and improve water quality.  Without them, coral reefs, seagrass meadows and the broader marine ecosystem cannot thrive. Yet we continue to deforest mangroves faster than any other forest type on Earth. Currently they account for about 10% of global emissions from deforestation. Unabated, mangrove destruction will exacerbate the climate emergency we face, while taking away vital protection we have against it.

Blue Ventures has innovated ways for coastal communities to both safeguard mangroves and earn a better living from them. Its Blue Forests program aims to protect and restore mangroves across the tropics using a proven model that secures mangrove rights, builds strong governance, greens mangrove supply chains and brings climate finance to pay local mangrove protectors.

The initiative provides local mangrove users with the means they need to develop viable investment opportunities in sustainable mangrove forestry, blue carbon and other mangrove ecosystem services. In doing so, it catalyses capital flows to mangrove protection at scale, leveraging a key nature-based solution to climate change that brings a host of community benefits.