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Inspiring Smart Energy Development through Hackathons in Indonesia

Organization New Energy Nexus
Realm Indomalaya

The Project Marketplace is organized by the major terrestrial realms divided into 14 biogeographical regions – N. America, Subarctic America, C. America, S. America, Afrotropics, Indomalaya, Australasia, Oceania, Antarctica, and the Palearctic realm, which coincides with Eurasia and is divided into Subarctic, Western, Central, Eastern, and Southern regions.

Category Energy Transition

There are five main project categories: Energy Transition focuses on renewable energy access and energy efficiency. Nature Conservation includes wildlife habitat protection and ecosystem restoration, as well as Indigenous land rights. Regenerative Agriculture supports farmers, ranchers and community agriculture. Climate Change covers global science efforts, climate adaptation, and social justice work.

Status ongoing

Seed indicates an early stage project that needs some level of support to develop into a larger funding proposal. Ongoing indicates any project that needs core programmatic funding. Urgent indicates a short-term project initiated in response to a natural disaster or other impending risk.

Funding Level $$

$$ indicates a project with a funding need between $50,000-$250,000.

Timeframe Ongoing

Building on its existing programs, New Energy Nexus Indonesia aims to scale our existing thematic bootcamps and hackathons, inspiring more Indonesian smart energy stakeholders and enthusiasts to develop innovative solutions. At the same time, this will allow them to build capacity while receiving a structured business development program.

Through this program, hackathons will be conducted with specific problem statements focusing on smart energy initiatives in Indonesia. These hackathons will be targeted at energy enthusiasts, students, and professionals who will compete in the development of an innovative idea and/or a prototype.

To attract potential participants, the hackathons will be designed to provide those who are new to the sector with an opportunity to learn about renewable energy, as well as providing support for participants to make progress on problems they are interested in. These hackathons are expected to serve as an effective outreach tool to strengthen the local startup ecosystem and community.

Successful teams will be given the opportunity to participate in a bootcamp to further refine their idea or prototype and develop a business model. In line with our approach to assisting energy startups, these subsequent bootcamps will be designed to help new and existing startups improve their business models and the viability of their products through a hands-on, interactive learning environment. 

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