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Karhusuo site: conserving carbon storehouse in Finland

Organization Snowchange Cooperative of Finland
Realm Subarctic Eurasia

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Project Type Nature Conservation

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Snowchange Coooperative of Finland is urgently seeking funding to conserve 70 hectares of fully intact middle/north boreal marshmire of international importance slated for open market auction. There is a danger of peat production that would destroy the natural values and the ecosystem of a globally significant marshmire. Karhusuo is one of the last remaining unprotected natural marshmires in Pudasjärvi community. Non-profit Snowchange Cooperative runs the Landscape Rewilding Programme and will acquire, conserve, and protect the site. 

The Karhusuo is considered a aapa mire of international importance for its value as a carbon sink, a biodiversity hotspot, particularly for Arctic waders, and a key area for natural water protection. If purchased, the site will receive a national conservation status equal to IUCN 1b Strict Natural Protection.

Non-profit Snowchange Cooperative is a network of northern traditional and Indigenous communities. The land purchase will benefit the traditional land uses and needs of the local community of Pudasjärvi. Karhusuo will be used as a recreational, traditional land use area, including cultural and traditional well-being of Pudasjärvi community. Representatives of Pudasjärvi be involved in the steering and co-governance all conservation and future actions, including inventories and to-be-established ranger programs.

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