One Earth has a vision of the future that is possible, one in which nature and people coexist and thrive together. We’re looking for photos and videos from around the world to show the beauty of nature and the heroism of people who are working to make real change happen on the ground. Submit a photo (or video still) for consideration that touches on issues like climate change, renewable energy, the protection and restoration of nature, regenerative agriculture and healthy food. If your video is chosen we will publish it on the One Earth website and list you as a contributor with a link-back to your website.

  • Photos have to be between 1-5 megabits in size and will be displayed at a web resolution of 1440 pixels wide (we can downsize them for you if desired). 
  • The photos must be free of watermarks as our content management system automatically crops and compress images based on the viewers' device size.
  • Photos should not have any stylized filters applied (e.g. black & white, sepia, pointillist or sketch, extremely oversaturated or washed images).
  • Photos should not include any corporate branding in the frame (they can be blurred if necessary).
  • For any human subjects, we would like a statement that the subject agreed to have their photograph taken and published on the web (they can be blurred if necessary).
  • When submitting assets to us for the first time please also include your photo headshot, full name, title, organization (if applicable) and a short, approx 50 word bio for your contributor profile page.
  • Please email add photo submissions to [email protected]