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Wild Foundation | Animating the Carbon Cycle

This project will support the Wild Foundation in establishing the technical potential for the carbon/climate benefit of promoting and reintroducing wildlife, especially vertebrates, through trophic cascades and other ecological mechanisms, in different ecosystems, land, and seascapes. Rewilding ACC hotspots: Through modelling, demonstrate what needs to be done through rewilding and where on the planet it will have the largest climate impacts to meet the 1.5°C goal through meeting a set of different climate mitigation targets of 150+ GtC with a staged approach by 2030, 2050, and 2100. It will provide practical guidance how to apply “animating” in different regions, ecosystems,  and circumstances around the world, including financing-Policy recommendations and suggested targets for the international negotiations on CBD and UNFCCC, UNCLOS, etc. Data will be compiled in a book “Animating the Carbon Cycle” that builds on the 2019 "Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals".

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