One Earth Advisor Network

One Earth Advisor Network

  • Dr. Greg Asner

    Dr. Greg Asner

    Director, Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science at Arizona State University

  • Josh Brooks

    Josh Brooks

    Partner, WayBright, LLC

  • Erick Brownstein

    Erick Brownstein

    President & Chief Strategy Officer of Shareability, a leading social media marketing company

  • Dr. Helen Crowley

    Dr. Helen Crowley

    Conservation and Ecosystems Services Specialist for Kering, an international luxury group based in Paris

  • Dr. Jamison Ervin

    Dr. Jamison Ervin

    Manager of UNDP’s Nature for Development Program

  • Dr. Eric Dinerstein

    Dr. Eric Dinerstein

    Director of WildTech and the Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions Program at RESOLVE

  • Farwiza Farhan

    Farwiza Farhan

    Environment Activist and Chair of Forest, Nature & Environment Aceh Foundation

  • Paul Hawken

    Paul Hawken

    Environmental activist, entrepreneur and best-selling author of Project Drawdown

  • Katie Hoffman

    Katie Hoffman

    Partner, Regeneration.VC

  • Charles Holmes

    Charles Holmes

    Co-founder Academy for Systems Change

  • Michele Hunt

    Michele Hunt

    Board Member

  • Dr. Rattan Lal

    Dr. Rattan Lal

    Distinguished University Professor of Soil Science. Director, Carbon Management and Sequestration Center

  • Jonathan Rose

    Jonathan Rose

    Co-founder Garrison Institute and CEO of Rose Companies LLC, a leading investor in resilient urban development

  • Dr. Rupa Marya

    Dr. Rupa Marya

    Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco

  • Nemonte Nenquimo

    Nemonte Nenquimo

    Indigenous activist and co-founder of Ceibo Alliance

  • Rebecca Ng

    Rebecca Ng

    Philanthropic Advisor and Consultant, former Senior Program Officer at Vulcan LLC and advisor to the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

  • Dr. Tracey Osborne

    Dr. Tracey Osborne

    Founding Director of the University of California Center for Climate Justice

  • Shannon Shryne

    Shannon Shryne

    Cause marketing executive at CK&D and E.D, of Augie's Quest to Cure ALS

  • Enric Sala

    Enric Sala

    National Geographic Explorer-in- Residence and Director of the Pristine Seas initiative

  • Nicole Rycroft

    Nicole Rycroft

    Founder and Executive Director, Canopy

  • Ravi Sunnak

    Ravi Sunnak

    EVP of the Sustainable Development Goals & Social Impact practice at Porter Novelli/Omnicom

  • Vasser Seydel

    Vasser Seydel

    Director of Impact, The Oxygen Project

  • Lara Stein

    Lara Stein

    Founder TEDx, Boma Global, Regenerative Consulting

  • Kris Tompkins

    Kris Tompkins

    Co-founder of Tompkins Conservation and former CEO of Patagonia

  • Dr. Sven Teske

    Dr. Sven Teske

    Research Director at Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology