Together, we can solve the climate crisis.

Our optimism is fueled by groundbreaking science, the power of community-led action, and the game-changing potential of climate philanthropy across One Earth's three pillars of action.


A just transition to 100% renewable energy can be achieved today with widely available technologies, and it will result in a system that is far less expensive than business as usual, creating millions of good long-term jobs, avoiding billions in annual fossil fuel costs, and preventing trillions in climate damages. The energy transition is already underway, but we need to triple investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment and phase out fossil fuel subsidies by 2025.


In order to reverse the biodiversity loss crisis and stabilize the Earth’s climate system, we must protect and conserve 50% of the world’s lands and seas. Remaining land habitats store nearly 2 trillion tonnes of carbon and absorb one-quarter of annual CO2 emissions. Expanding Indigenous land rights is essential, alongside a moratorium on deforestation and a global effort to restore 350 million hectares of forests on degraded land, providing the necessary carbon removal to achieve the 1.5°C goal.


Through regenerative agricultural practices, which increase both soil fertility and carbon storage, we can achieve net zero food and fiber systems globally. Concurrently, we must cut meat consumption and food loss in half, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, diversify crops, and invest in smallholder farms. By doing so, we can feed ten billion people by mid-century while greatly reducing agricultural emissions – carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide -- and improving human nutrition.

We are one Earth
We help donors and changemakers scale their collective impact.

We help donors and changemakers scale their collective impact.

It’s time to radically increase climate philanthropy. Less than 2% of all charitable giving goes to nonprofits working to solve the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change. One Earth is working with an array of partners to triple the volume of giving, driving dollars to critically underfunded projects on every continent. Through our Project Marketplace, individuals and companies can directly support vetted climate solutions, helping to create a world where all people and nature thrive together.

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Restoring Ecosystems at the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis through Women-led Climate Coalitions

Southern America Brazil Cerrado & Atlantic Coast

This project will create a women-led coalition on the frontlines of climate change to restore mangrove forests in Brazil.

Nature Conservation $

Improving Livelihoods and Soil Fertility Through Agroforestry in Central Africa

Afrotropics Equatorial Afrotropics

This project helps destitute South Sudanese refugees rebuild their lives in NW Uganda by planting useful agroforestry trees around their houses and in their fields.

Regenerative Agriculture $

Restoring Indigenous Maskoke Homelands in Alabama through Indigenous Forest Conservation and Regenerative Agriculture

Northern America Southeast US Savannas & Forests

This project will support the conservation of bison, native forests, food sovereignty, and economic sustainability of the Maskoke ecovillage community.

Nature Conservation $

Restoring a Hemp Fiber Economy Rooted in Northern Plains and Great Lakes Indigenous Nations

Northern America Great Plains

This project seeks to train and organize a network of tribal member farmers on regenerative, organic fiber hemp growing. An introduction to fiber hemp class will be taught at the United Tribes Technical College and the Nueta-Hidatsa-Sahnish-college on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

Regenerative Agriculture $

Protecting Imperiled Wolves in the Great Lakes Region Through Compassionate Conservation

Northern America Northeast American Forests

This project is working towards Endangered Species Act emergency relisting of wolves to halt proposed lethal control of wolves and promotion of respect and appreciation for their vital ecological role.

Nature Conservation $

Lighting the Homes of Women Farmers with Solar Lamps in Rural Kenya

Afrotropics Sub-Equatorial Afrotropics

This project gives farmers access to home lighting that is brighter, safer, and more cost effective than kerosene lamps while reducing their carbon footprint.

Energy Transition $

Expanding Indigenous Territorial Management through Women-Led Mapping Initiatives in Eastern Africa

Afrotropics Sub-Saharan Afrotropics

This project supports the capacity for building retreats for Indigenous frontline communities in East Africa, hosted by the Ogiek of Mount Elgon, grounded in the learned experiences of their women-led mapping and monitoring initiatives.

Nature Conservation $

Preserving Rainforest in the DR Congo through Higher Education in Rural Sciences

Afrotropics Equatorial Afrotropics

This project provides higher education and leadership opportunities for local rainforest stewards, especially women, by supporting a Congolese-led rural sciences college in the Congo rainforest.

Nature Conservation $

Developing a New Regenerative School and Community Farm in Southwest Chicago

Northern America Great Plains

The first Midwest facility meeting the Living Building Challenge, producing their own food, achieving energy and water net-positivity, and establishing precedent for educational, environmental, and wellness standards.

Regenerative Agriculture $

Our unique approach: Philanthro-activism

We believe that everyone, everywhere, can be a climate philanthropist. Whether you are a volunteer, a small-dollar donor, or a major benefactor, we all have a pivotal role to play in pushing for solutions that can be implemented today, supporting individuals and communities working to solve the climate crisis. Through One Earth’s three programs — Science, Philanthropy, and Media — we directly support the climate heroes who drive change where it’s needed most.

We have awarded $6.6 million in grants in total.


Awarded in Grants

Over 3.2 million individuals have signed our Global Deal for Nature petition urging world leaders to protect 50% of Earth's lands and oceans.


Individuals Galvanized

We've partnered with 124 organizations all across the globe to advance climate solutions.


Partner Organizations

We've funded 118 projects and programs through our grantmaking.


Projects Funded

The projects and programs that we've supported have had a direct impact in 41 countries around the world.


Countries Impacted

We've supported the publication of 23 scientific papers and reports.


Scientific Publications

Let's join forces!

Let's join forces!

One Earth is building a robust network of nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and donors from around the world who all are working towards the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Our scientific framework shows that it’s possible. Still, we have a lot of work to connect the necessary philanthropic capital to impactful climate solutions that can be implemented today. We would love to hear from you!

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