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Janet Murikira

Janet Murikira

One Earth Fellow, Kenya, 2019

Janet Murikira is an environment and conservation journalist based in Mombasa, Kenya. The Finance graduate works for Baraka FM  where she has been on the forefront in ensuring environment stories are given the space and coverage they deserve. Her work has regularly been published in other media houses that include Deutsch Press Agentur and Environment newsiste Mongabay. Janet who is an Annual Journalism Excellence Awards 2018 finalist is also one of the 18 African fellows of the Giants Club Conservation Journalism fellowship where she has majorly reported on issues and emerging trends in environment conservation in Kenya. It is through her reporting on environment issues that she developed an interest in climate change because her continent Africa has been on the receiving end and is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Hence Janet would like to use the media as tool to educate and help debunk communal myths around the causes and the solutions to climate change in Africa.

Photos by this contributor

  • Caroline Nyambu (second from left) and his fellow farmers stands net to their apiary in Mwakirunge village along the Tudor.
  • The Tudor creek during a high tide.
  • Willfred Tsuma, another farmer who who has partnered with Bigship in honey harvesting gear.
  • Two hives mounted on mangroves at the Tudor creek.
  • A herder drives his livestock past a degraded part of the Tudor creek.
  • A woman walks through a path in a restored part of the Tudor creek.
  • Hillary Mwatsuma Kalama (holding a fly-whisk) together with his fellow elders who are tasked with protecting the Kaya forests stand behind a Vigango shrine.
  • A Vigango shrine inside the Kaya Kauma forest.