Don't Forget Your Boots | Justin Winters of One Earth

Don't Forget Your Boots | Justin Winters of One Earth

In this Don't Forget Your Boots podcast interview, Justin Winters of One Earth discusses the organization's efforts to keep the global average temperature rise to 1.5°C. One Earth aims to bring together various initiatives and highlight the work of organizations and community leaders working towards the shared goal. Justin stresses the importance of hope and the knowledge that we can solve the crisis with the tools we already have. She emphasizes the power of working together and encourages people to double down on their efforts and stay steadfast in their goals.

Justin discusses the importance of nature as a central part of the solution to climate change and highlights One Earth's three pillars of collective action: energy transition, nature conservation, and regenerative agriculture. These pillars can help inform communication strategies on climate and environmental issues, as well as strategies for grantmaking to support efforts in these areas.

Justin believes clear and concise communication is key to building the necessary movement for change. She notes that while many people are fully aware of the enormous crisis we are facing, many are unaware that the solutions already exist. 

To build this movement, Winters suggests looking to the success of past social movements for inspiration. She notes that these movements have brought about significant change by mobilizing large numbers of people and putting pressure on governments and other decision-makers to take action. 

In this interview, Justin highlights the importance of hope, collaboration, and clear communication. Through the work of organizations like One Earth and the actions of individuals around the world, it is possible to find and implement solutions to this global issue.

Together, we can solve the climate crisis. 

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