List of Ecoregions


One Earth utilizes these 14 realm divisions – further divided into 52 subrealms, 185 bioregions, and 844 ecoregions – as a framework to better understand the natural world that surrounds us.

Aegean and Western Turkey Sclerophyllous and Mixed Forests

Alps Conifer and Mixed Forests

Anatolian Conifer and Deciduous Mixed Forests

Balkan Mixed Forests

Baltic Mixed Forests

Caledon Conifer Forests

Cantabrian Mixed Forests

Carpathian Montane Forests

Celtic Broadleaf Forests

Central Anatolian Steppe

Central Anatolian Steppe and Woodlands

Central European Mixed Forests

Cherskii-Kolyma Mountain Tundra

Chukchi Peninsula Tundra

Crimean Submediterranean Forest Complex

Cross-Timbers Savanna-Woodland

Cyprus Mediterranean Forests

Dinaric Mountains Mixed Forests

East European Forest Steppe

East Siberian Taiga

Eastern Anatolian Deciduous Forests

Eastern Mediterranean Conifer-Broadleaf Forests

English Lowlands Beech Forests

European Atlantic Mixed Forests

Euxine-Colchic Broadleaf Forests

Faroe Islands Boreal Grasslands

Kamchatka Tundra

Kola Peninsula Tundra

North Atlantic Moist Mixed Forests

Northeast Siberian Taiga

Northern Anatolian Conifer and Deciduous Forests

Po Basin Mixed Forests

Pontic Steppe

Pyrenees Conifer and Mixed Forests

Rodope Montane Mixed Forests

Sarmatic Mixed Forests

Scandinavian Coastal Conifer Forests

Western European Broadleaf Forests

Wrangel Island Arctic Desert

Yellow Sea Saline Meadow

Adelie Land Tundra

Admiralty Islands Lowland Rainforests

Afghan Mountains Semi-Desert

Ahklun and Kilbuck Upland Tundra

Al-Hajar Foothill Xeric Woodlands and Shrublands

Al-Hajar Montane Woodlands and Shrublands

Alai-Western Tian Shan Steppe

Alashan Plateau Semi-Desert

Alaska Peninsula Montane Taiga

Alaska-St. Elias Range Tundra

Albany Thickets

Alberta-British Columbia Foothills Forests

Albertine Rift Montane Forests

Aldabra Island Xeric Scrub

Aleutian Islands Tundra

Allegheny Highlands Forests

Altai Alpine Meadow and Tundra

Altai Montane Forest and Forest Steppe

Altai Steppe and Semi-Desert

Alto Paraná Atlantic Forests

Amazon-Orinoco-Southern Caribbean Mangroves

Amsterdam-Saint Paul Islands Temperate Grasslands

Amur Meadow Steppe

Andaman Islands Rainforests

Angolan Montane Forest-Grassland

Angolan Mopane Woodlands

Angolan Scarp Savanna and Woodlands

Angolan Wet Miombo Woodlands

Antipodes Subantarctic Islands Tundra

Appalachian Mixed Mesophytic Forests

Appalachian Piedmont Forests

Appalachian-Blue Ridge forests

Appenine Deciduous Montane Forests

Apure-Villavicencio Dry Forests

Arabian Desert

Arabian Sand Desert

Arabian-Persian Gulf Coastal Plain Desert

Araucaria Moist Forests

Aravalli West Thorn Scrub Forests

Araya and Paria Xeric Scrub

Arctic Coastal Tundra

Arctic Foothills Tundra

Arizona Mountains Forests

Arnhem Land Tropical Savanna

Ascension Scrub and Grasslands

Atacama Desert

Atlantic Coast Restingas

Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens

Australian Alps Montane Grasslands

Azerbaijan Shrub Desert and Steppe

Azores Temperate Mixed Forests

Badghyz and Karabil Semi-Desert

Bahamian Pineyards

Bahamian-Antillean Mangroves

Bahia Coastal Forests

Bahía Interior Forests

Baja California Desert

Bajío Dry Forests

Balsas Dry Forests

Baluchistan Xeric Woodlands

Banda Sea Islands Moist Deciduous Forests

Belizian Pine Savannas

Beni Savanna

Beringia Lowland Tundra

Beringia Upland Tundra

Bermuda Subtropical Conifer Forests

Biak-Numfoor Rainforests

Blue Mountains Forests

Bohai Sea Saline Meadow

Bolivian Montane Dry Forests

Bolivian Yungas

Borneo Lowland Rainforests

Borneo Montane Rainforests

Borneo Peat Swamp Forests

Brahmaputra Valley Semi-Evergreen Forests

Brazilian Atlantic Dry Forests

Brigalow Tropical Savanna

British Columbia Coastal Conifer Forests

Brooks-British Range tundra

Buru Rainforests


Caatinga Enclaves Moist Forests

California Central Valley Grasslands

California Coastal Sage and Chaparral

California Interior Chaparral and Woodlands

California Montane Chaparral and Woodlands

Cameroon Highlands Forests

Campos Rupestres Montane Savanna

Canadian Aspen Forests and Parklands

Canadian High Arctic Tundra

Canadian Low Arctic Tundra

Canadian Middle Arctic Tundra

Canary Islands Dry Woodlands and Forests

Canterbury-Otago Tussock Grasslands

Cape Verde Islands Dry Forests

Cape York Peninsula Tropical Savanna

Caqueta Moist Forests

Cardamom Mountains Rainforests

Caribbean Shrublands

Carnarvon Xeric Shrublands

Carolines Tropical Moist Forests

Carpentaria Tropical Savanna

Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests

Caspian Lowland Desert

Catatumbo Moist Forests

Cauca Valley Dry Forests

Cauca Valley Montane Forests

Caucasus Mixed Forests

Cayos Miskitos-San Andrés and Providencia Moist Forests

Central Afghan Mountains Xeric Woodlands

Central African Mangroves

Central American Atlantic Moist Forests

Central American Dry Forests

Central American Montane Forests

Central American Pine-Oak Forests

Central Andean Dry Puna

Central Andean Puna

Central Andean Wet Puna

Central Asian Northern Desert

Central Asian Riparian Woodlands

Central Asian Southern Desert

Central British Columbia Mountain Forests

Central Bushveld

Central Canadian Shield Forests

Central China Loess Plateau Mixed Forests

Central Congolian Lowland Forests

Central Deccan Plateau Dry Deciduous Forests

Central Indochina Dry Forests

Central Korean Deciduous Forests

Central Mexican Matorral

Central Pacific Northwest Coastal Forests

Central Persian Desert Basins

Central Polynesian Tropical Moist Forests

Central Range Papuan Montane Rainforests

Central Ranges Xeric Scrub

Central South Antarctic Peninsula Tundra

Central Tallgrass Prairie

Central Tibetan Plateau Alpine Steppe

Central US Forest-Grasslands Transition

Central Zambezian Wet Miombo Woodlands

Central-Southern Cascades Forests

Central-Southern US Mixed Grasslands


Changbai Mountains Mixed Forests

Changjiang Plain Evergreen Forests

Chao Phraya Freshwater Swamp Forests

Chao Phraya Lowland Moist Deciduous Forests

Chatham Island Temperate Forests

Chhota-Nagpur Dry Deciduous Forests

Chiapas Depression Dry Forests

Chiapas Montane Forests

Chihuahuan Desert

Chilean Matorral

Chimalapas Montane Forests

Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma Montane Forests

Chiquitano Dry Forests

Chocó-Darién Moist Forests

Christmas and Cocos Islands Tropical Forests

Clipperton Island Shrub and Grasslands

Cocos Island Moist Forests

Colorado Plateau Shrublands

Colorado Rockies Forests

Comoros Forests

Congolian Coastal Forests

Cook Inlet Taiga

Cook Islands Tropical Moist Forests

Coolgardie Woodlands

Copper Plateau Taiga

Cordillera Central Páramo

Cordillera De Merida Páramo

Cordillera Oriental Montane Forests

Cordillera de la Costa Montane Forests

Corsican Montane Broadleaf and Mixed Forests

Costa Rican Seasonal Moist Forests

Crete Mediterranean Forests

Cross-Niger Transition Forests

Cross-Sanaga-Bioko Coastal Forests

Cuban Cactus Scrub

Cuban Dry Forests

Cuban Moist Forests

Cuban Pine Forests

Cuban Wetlands

Da Hinggan-Dzhagdy Mountains Conifer Forests

Daba Mountains Evergreen Forests

Daurian Forest Steppe

Davis Highlands Tundra

Deccan Thorn Scrub Forests

Djibouti Xeric Shrublands

Drakensberg Escarpment Savanna and Thicket

Drakensberg Grasslands

Dronning Maud Land Tundra

Dry Chaco

Dry Miombo Woodlands

East Afghan Montane Conifer Forests

East African Halophytics

East African Mangroves

East African Montane Forests

East African Montane Moorlands

East Antarctic Tundra

East Arabian Fog Shrublands and Sand Desert

East Central Texas Savanna-Woodland

East Deccan Dry-Evergreen Forests

East Deccan Moist Deciduous Forests

East Sahara Desert

East Saharan Montane Xeric Woodlands

East Sudanian Savanna

Eastern Anatolian Montane Steppe

Eastern Arc Forests

Eastern Australia Mulga Shrublands

Eastern Australian Temperate Forests

Eastern Canadian Boreal Forests

Eastern Canadian Shield Taiga

Eastern Canadian Temperate-Boreal Forest Transition

Eastern Cascades Forests

Eastern Congolian Swamp Forests

Eastern Cordillera Real Montane Forests

Eastern Gobi Desert Steppe

Eastern Great Lakes Lowland Forests

Eastern Guinean Forests

Eastern Himalayan Alpine Shrub and Meadows

Eastern Himalayan Broadleaf Forests

Eastern Himalayan Subalpine Conifer Forests

Eastern Java-Bali Rainforests

Eastern Java–Bali Montane Rainforests

Eastern Micronesia Tropical Moist Forests

Eastern Panamanian Montane Forests

Ecuadorian Dry Forests

Edwards Plateau Savanna

Einasleigh Upland Savanna

Elburz Range Forest Steppe

Ellsworth Land Tundra

Ellsworth Mountains Tundra

Emin Valley Steppe

Enderby Land Tundra

Enriquillo Wetlands

Eritrean Coastal Desert

Esperance Mallee


Ethiopian Montane Forests

Ethiopian Montane Grasslands and Woodlands

Ethiopian Montane Moorlands

Etosha Pan Halophytics

Everglades Flooded Grasslands

Eyre and Yorke Mallee

Fernando De Noronha-Atol Das Rocas Moist Forests

Fiji Tropical Dry Forests

Fiji Tropical Moist Forests

Fiordland Temperate Forests

Flinders-Lofty Montane Woodlands

Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie

Fraser Plateau and Basin Conifer Forests

Fynbos Shrubland

Galápagos Islands Xeric Scrub

Gariep Karoo

Ghorat-Hazarajat Alpine Meadow

Gibson Desert

Gissaro-Alai Open Woodlands

Gobi Lakes Valley Desert Steppe

Godavari-Krishna Mangroves

Granitic Seychelles Forests

Great Basin Montane Forests

Great Basin Shrub Steppe

Great Lakes Basin Desert Steppe

Great Sandy-Tanami Desert

Great Victoria Desert

Greater Negros-Panay Rainforests

Guajira-Barranquilla Xeric Scrub

Guayaquil Flooded Grasslands

Guianan Freshwater Swamp Forests

Guianan Highlands Moist Forests

Guianan Lowland Moist Forests

Guianan Piedmont Moist Forests

Guianan Savanna

Guinean Forest-Savanna

Guinean Mangroves

Guinean Montane Forests

Guizhou Plateau Broadleaf and Mixed Forests

Gulf of California Xeric Scrub

Gulf of St. Lawrence Lowland Forests

Gurupa Várzea

Haida Gwaii Conifer Forests

Hainan Island Monsoon Rainforests

Halmahera Rainforests

Hampton Mallee and Woodlands

Hawai'I Tropical Dry Forests

Hawai'I Tropical Low Shrublands

Hawai'I Tropical Moist Forests

Hawai'i Tropical High Shrublands

Helanshan Montane Conifer Forests

Hengduan Mountains Subalpine Conifer Forests

High Monte

Highveld Grasslands

Himalayan Subtropical Broadleaf Forests

Himalayan Subtropical Pine Forests

Hindu Kush Alpine Meadow

Hispaniolan Dry Forests

Hispaniolan Moist Forests

Hispaniolan Pine Forests

Hobyo Grasslands and Shrublands

Hokkaido Deciduous Forests

Hokkaido Montane Conifer Forests

Honshu Alpine Conifer Forests

Horn of Africa Xeric Bushlands

Huang He Plain Mixed Forests

Humid Chaco

Humid Pampas

Huon Peninsula Montane Rainforests

Iberian Conifer Forests

Iberian Sclerophyllous and Semi-Deciduous Forests

Iceland Boreal Birch Forests and Alpine Tundra

Ile Europa and Bassas Da India Xeric Scrub

Illyrian Deciduous Forests

Indochina Mangroves

Indus River Delta-Arabian Sea Mangroves

Indus Valley Desert

Inner Niger Delta Flooded Savanna

Interior Alaska-Yukon Alpine Tundra

Interior Alaska-Yukon Lowland Taiga

Interior Plateau US Hardwood Forests

Iquitos Várzea

Irrawaddy Dry Forests

Irrawaddy Freshwater Swamp Forests

Irrawaddy Moist Deciduous Forests

Islas Revillagigedo Dry Forests

Isthmian-Atlantic Moist Forests

Isthmian-Pacific Moist Forests

Italian Sclerophyllous and Semi-Deciduous Forests

Itigi-Sumbu Thicket

Jalisco Dry Forests

Jamaican Dry Forests

Jamaican Moist Forests

Japurá-Solimões-Negro Moist Forests

Jarrah-Karri Forest and Shrublands

Jian Nan Subtropical Evergreen Forests

Jos Plateau Forest-Grassland

Juan Fernández Islands Temperate Forests

Junggar Basin Semi-Desert

Juruá-Purus Moist Forests

Kalaallit Nunaat Arctic Steppe

Kalaallit Nunaat High Arctic Tundra

Kalahari Acacia Woodlands

Kalahari Xeric Savanna

Kamchatka Taiga

Kamchatka-Kurile Meadows and Sparse Forests

Kaokoveld Desert

Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau Alpine Steppe

Kayah-Karen Montane Rainforests

Kazakh Forest Steppe

Kazakh Semi-Desert

Kazakh Steppe

Kazakh Upland Steppe

Kermadec Islands Subtropical Moist Forests

Khangai Mountains Alpine Meadow

Khangai Mountains Conifer Forests

Khathiar-Gir Dry Deciduous Forests

Kimberly Tropical Savanna

Kinabalu Montane Alpine Meadows

Klamath-Siskiyou Forests

Knysna-Amatole Montane Forests

Kopet Dag Semi-Desert

Kopet Dag Woodlands and Forest Steppe

Kuh Rud and Eastern Iran Montane Woodlands

Kwazulu Natal-Cape Coastal Forests

La Costa Xeric Shrublands

Lake Chad Flooded Savanna

Lara-Falcón Dry Forests

Leeward Islands Moist Forests

Lesser Antillean Dry Forests

Lesser Sundas Deciduous Forests

Limpopo Lowveld


Lord Howe Island Subtropical Forests

Louisiade Archipelago Rainforests

Low Monte

Lower Gangetic Plains Moist Deciduous Forests

Luang Prabang Montane Rainforests

Luzon Montane Rainforests

Luzon Rainforests

Luzon Tropical Pine Forests

Madagascar Dry Deciduous Forests

Madagascar Ericoid Thickets

Madagascar Humid Forests

Madagascar Mangroves

Madagascar Spiny Thickets

Madagascar Subhumid Forests

Madagascar Succulent Woodlands

Madeira Evergreen Forests

Madeira-Tapajós Moist Forests

Magdalena Valley Dry Forests

Magdalena Valley Montane Forests

Magdalena-Urabá Moist Forests

Magellanic Subpolar Forests

Makgadikgadi Halophytics

Malabar Coast Moist Forests

Maldives-Lakshadweep-Chagos Archipelago Tropical Moist Forests

Malpelo Island Xeric Scrub

Manchurian Mixed Forests

Mandara Plateau Woodlands

Maputaland Coastal Forests and Woodlands

Maracaibo Dry Forests

Marajó Várzea

Maranhão Babaçu Forests

Marañon Dry Forests

Marianas Tropical Dry Forests

Marie Byrd Land Tundra

Marquesas Tropical Moist Forests

Masai Xeric Grasslands and Shrublands

Mascarene Forests

Mato Grosso Tropical Dry Forests

Mediterranean Acacia-Argania Dry Woodlands and Succulent Thickets

Mediterranean Conifer and Mixed Forests

Mediterranean Dry Woodlands and Steppe

Mediterranean High Atlas Juniper Steppe

Mediterranean Woodlands and Forests

Meghalaya Subtropical Forests

Mentawai Islands Rainforests

Meseta Central Matorral

Mesoamerican Gulf-Caribbean Mangroves

Mesopotamian Shrub Desert

Mid-Atlantic US Coastal Savannas

Mid-Canada Boreal Plains Forests

Midwest Canadian Shield Forests

Mindanao Montane Rainforests

Mindanao-Eastern Visayas Rainforests

Mindoro Rainforests

Miskito Pine Forests

Mississippi Lowland Forests

Mitchell Grass Downs

Mizoram-Manipur-Kachin Rainforests

Mojave Desert

Mongolian-Manchurian Grassland

Montana Valley and Foothill Grasslands

Monte Alegre Várzea

Motagua Valley Thornscrub

Mount Cameroon and Bioko Montane Forests

Mulanje Montane Forest-Grassland

Murray-Darling Woodlands and Mallee

Muskwa-Slave Lake Taiga

Myanmar Coast Mangroves

Myanmar Coastal Rainforests

Nama Karoo Shrublands

Namaqualand-Richtersveld Steppe

Namib Desert

Namibian Savanna Woodlands

Nansei Islands Subtropical Evergreen Forests

Napo Moist Forests

Naracoorte Woodlands

Narmada Valley Dry Deciduous Forests

Nebraska Sand Hills Mixed Grasslands

Negro-Branco Moist Forests

Nelson Coast Temperate Forests

Nenjiang River Grassland

New Britain-New Ireland Lowland Rainforests

New Britain-New Ireland Montane Rainforests

New Caledonia Dry Forests

New Caledonia Rainforests

New England-Acadian Forests

New Guinea Mangroves

New Zealand North Island Temperate Forests

New Zealand South Island Montane Grasslands

New Zealand South Island Temperate Forests

Nicobar Islands Rainforests

Niger Delta Swamp Forests

Nigerian Lowland Forests

Nihonkai Evergreen Forests

Nihonkai Montane Deciduous Forests

Nile Delta Flooded Savanna

Norfolk Island Subtropical Forests

North Arabian Desert

North Arabian Highland Shrublands

North Cascades Conifer Forests

North Deccan Dry Deciduous Forests

North Saharan Xeric Steppe and Woodlands

North Tibetan Plateau-Kunlun Mountains Alpine Desert

North Victoria Land Tundra

North Western Ghats Moist Deciduous Forests

North Western Ghats Montane Rainforests

Northeast Antarctic Peninsula Tundra

Northeast Brazil Restingas

Northeast China Plain Deciduous Forests

Northeast Congolian Lowland Forests

Northeast India-Myanmar Pine Forests

Northeast Siberian Coastal Tundra

Northeast US Coastal Forests

Northeastern Himalayan Subalpine Conifer Forests

Northeastern Spain and Southern France Mediterranean Forests

Northern Acacia-Commiphora Bushlands and Thickets

Northern Andean Páramo

Northern Annamites Rainforests

Northern California Coastal Forests

Northern Canadian Shield Taiga

Northern Congolian Forest-Savanna

Northern Cordillera Forests

Northern Indochina Subtropical Forests

Northern Khorat Plateau Moist Deciduous Forests

Northern Mesoamerican Pacific Mangroves

Northern New Guinea Lowland Rain and Freshwater Swamp Forests

Northern New Guinea Montane Rainforests

Northern Pacific Alaskan Coastal Forests

Northern Rockies Conifer Forests

Northern Shortgrass Prairie

Northern Swahili Coastal Forests

Northern Tallgrass Prairie

Northern Thailand-Laos Moist Deciduous Forests

Northern Triangle Subtropical Forests

Northern Triangle Temperate Forests

Northern Vietnam Lowland Rainforests

Northland Temperate Kauri Forests

Northwest Andean Montane Forests

Northwest Antarctic Peninsula Tundra

Northwest Congolian Lowland Forests

Northwest Hawai'I Scrub

Northwest Iberian Montane Forests

Northwest Russian-Novaya Zemlya Tundra

Northwest Territories Taiga

Northwestern Himalayan Alpine Shrub and Meadows

Novosibirsk Islands Arctic Desert

Nujiang Lancang Gorge Subalpine Conifer and Mixed Forests

Nullarbor Plains Xeric Shrublands

Nyanga-Chimanimani Montane Forest-Grassland

Oaxacan Montane Forests

Ogasawara Subtropical Moist Forests

Ogilvie-Mackenzie Alpine Tundra

Okanogan Dry Forests

Okhotsk-Manchurian Taiga

Ordos Plateau Steppe

Orinoco Delta Swamp Forests

Orinoco Wetlands

Orissa Semi-Evergreen Forests

Ozark Highlands Mixed Forests

Ozark Mountain Forests

Pacific Coastal Mountain Icefields and Tundra

Palau Tropical Moist Forests

Palawan Rainforests

Palouse Prairie

Pamir Alpine Desert and Tundra

Panamanian Dry Forests

Pannonian Mixed Forests


Pantanos De Centla

Pantepui Forests and Shrublands

Papuan Central Range Sub-Alpine Grasslands

Paraguana Xeric Scrub

Paraná Flooded Savanna

Paropamisus Xeric Woodlands

Patagonian Steppe

Patía valley dry forests

Peninsular Malaysian Montane Rainforests

Peninsular Malaysian Peat Swamp Forests

Peninsular Malaysian Rainforests

Pernambuco Coastal Forests

Pernambuco Interior Forests

Peruvian Yungas

Petén-Veracruz Moist Forests

Pilbara Shrublands

Pindus Mountains Mixed Forests

Piney Woods Forests

Prince Charles Mountains Tundra

Puerto Rican Dry Forests

Puerto Rican Moist Forests

Puget Lowland Forests

Purus Várzea

Purus-Madeira Moist Forests

Qaidam Basin Semi-Desert

Qilian Mountains Conifer Forests

Qilian Mountains Subalpine Meadows

Qin Ling Mountains Deciduous Forests

Qionglai-Minshan Conifer Forests

Queensland Tropical Rainforests

Rakiura Island Temperate Forests

Rann of Kutch Seasonal Salt Marsh

Rapa Nui and Sala Y Gómez Subtropical Broadleaf Forests

Red River Freshwater Swamp Forests

Red Sea Coastal Desert

Red Sea Mangroves

Red Sea-Arabian Desert Shrublands

Registan-North Pakistan Sandy Desert

Renosterveld Shrubland

Richmond Temperate Forests

Rio Negro Campinarana

Russian Arctic Desert

Russian Bering Tundra

Rwenzori-Virunga Montane Moorlands

Saharan Atlantic Coastal Desert

Saharan Halophytic

Sahelian Acacia Savanna

Sakhalin Island Taiga

Samoan Tropical Moist Forests

San Félix-San Ambrosio Islands Temperate Forests

San Lucan Xeric Scrub

Santa Lucia Montane Chaparral and Woodlands

Santa Marta Montane Forests

Santa Marta Páramo

Sayan Alpine Meadows and Tundra

Sayan Intermontane Steppe

Sayan Montane Conifer Forests

Scandinavian Montane Birch Forest and Grasslands

Scandinavian and Russian Taiga

Scotia Sea Islands Tundra

Sechura Desert

Selenge-Orkhon Forest Steppe

Seram Rainforests

Serra Do Mar Coastal Forests

Sichuan Basin Evergreen Broadleaf Forests

Sierra De Los Tuxtlas

Sierra Madre De Chiapas Moist Forests

Sierra Madre De Oaxaca Pine-Oak Forests

Sierra Madre Del Sur Pine-Oak Forests

Sierra Madre Occidental Pine-Oak Forests

Sierra Madre Oriental Pine-Oak Forests

Sierra Nevada Forests

Sierra de la Laguna Dry Forests

Sierra de la Laguna Pine-Oak Forests

Simpson Desert

Sinaloan Dry Forests

Sinú Valley Dry Forests

Snake-Columbia Shrub Steppe

Society Islands Tropical Moist Forests

Socotra Island Xeric Shrublands

Solimões-Japurá Moist Forests

Solomon Islands Rainforests

Somali Acacia-Commiphora Bushlands and Thickets

Somali Montane Xeric Woodlands

Sonoran Desert

Sonoran-Sinaloan Subtropical Dry Forest

South American Pacific Mangroves

South Antarctic Peninsula Tundra

South Apennine Mixed Montane Forests

South Arabian Fog Woodlands, Shrublands, and Dune

South Arabian Plains and Plateau Desert

South Central Rockies Forests

South China Sea Islands

South China-Vietnam Subtropical Evergreen Forests

South Deccan Plateau Dry Deciduous Forests

South Iran Nubo-Sindian Desert and Semi-Desert

South Orkney Islands Tundra

South Sahara Desert

South Siberian Forest Steppe

South Taiwan Monsoon Rainforests

South Victoria Land Tundra

South Western Ghats Moist Deciduous Forests

South Western Ghats Montane Rainforests

Southeast Australia Temperate Forests

Southeast Australia Temperate Savanna

Southeast Tibet Shrublands and Meadows

Southeast US Conifer Savannas

Southeastern Iberian Shrubs and Woodlands

Southeastern Indochina Dry Evergreen Forests

Southeastern Papuan Rainforests

Southern Acacia-Commiphora Bushlands and Thickets

Southern Africa Mangroves

Southern Anatolian Montane Conifer and Deciduous Forests

Southern Andean Steppe

Southern Andean Yungas

Southern Annamites Montane Rainforests

Southern Atlantic Brazilian Mangroves

Southern Cone Mesopotamian Savanna

Southern Congolian Forest-Savanna

Southern Great Lakes Forests

Southern Hudson Bay Taiga

Southern Indian Ocean Islands Tundra

Southern Korea Evergreen Forests

Southern Mesoamerican Pacific Mangroves

Southern New Guinea Freshwater Swamp Forests

Southern New Guinea Lowland Rainforests

Southern Pacific Dry Forests

Southern Rift Montane Forest-Grassland

Southern Swahili Coastal Forests and Woodlands

Southern Vietnam Lowland Dry Forests

Southwest Amazon Moist Forests

Southwest Arabian Coastal Xeric Shrublands

Southwest Arabian Escarpment Shrublands and Woodlands

Southwest Arabian Highland Xeric Scrub

Southwest Arabian Montane Woodlands and Grasslands

Southwest Australia Savanna

Southwest Australia Woodlands

Southwest Borneo Freshwater Swamp Forests

Southwest Iberian Mediterranean Sclerophyllous and Mixed Forests

Sri Lanka Dry-Zone Dry Evergreen Forests

Sri Lanka Lowland Rainforests

Sri Lanka Montane Rainforests

St. Helena Scrub and Woodlands

St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks

Succulent Karoo Xeric Shrublands

Sudd Flooded Grasslands

Suiphun-Khanka Meadows and Forest Meadows

Sulaiman Range Alpine Meadows

Sulawesi Lowland Rainforests

Sulawesi Montane Rainforests

Sulu Archipelago Rainforests

Sumatran Freshwater Swamp Forests

Sumatran Lowland Rainforests

Sumatran Montane Rainforests

Sumatran Peat Swamp Forests

Sumatran Tropical Pine Forests

Sumba Deciduous Forests

Sunda Shelf Mangroves

Sundaland Heath Forests

Sundarbans Freshwater Swamp Forests

Sundarbans Mangroves

Syrian Xeric Grasslands and Shrublands

São Tomé, Príncipe, and Annobón Forests

Taiheiyo Evergreen Forests

Taiheiyo Montane Deciduous Forests

Taimyr-Central Siberian Tundra

Taiwan Subtropical Evergreen Forests

Taklimakan Desert

Talamancan Montane Forests

Tamaulipan Matorral

Tamaulipan Mezquital

Tapajós-Xingu Moist Forests

Tarim Basin Deciduous Forests and Steppe

Tasmanian Central Highland Forests

Tasmanian Temperate Forests

Tasmanian Temperate Rainforests

Tehuacán Valley Matorral

Tenasserim-South Thailand Semi-Evergreen Rainforests

Terai-Duar Savanna and Grasslands

Texas Blackland Prairies

Thar Desert

Tian Shan Foothill Arid Steppe

Tian Shan Montane Conifer Forests

Tian Shan Montane Steppe and Meadows

Tibesti-Jebel Uweinat Montane Xeric Woodlands

Tibetan Plateau Alpine Shrublands and Meadows

Tigris-Euphrates Alluvial Salt Marsh

Timor and Wetar Deciduous Forests

Tirari-Stuart Stony Desert

Tocantins/Pindare Moist Forests

Tongan Tropical Moist Forests

Tonle Sap Freshwater Swamp Forests

Tonle Sap-Mekong Peat Swamp Forests

Torngat Mountain Tundra

Trans Fly Savanna and Grasslands

Trans-Baikal Bald Mountain Tundra

Trans-Baikal Conifer Forests

Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt Pine-Oak Forests

Transantarctic Mountains Tundra

Trindade-Martin Vaz Islands Tropical Forests

Trinidad and Tobago Dry Forests

Trinidad and Tobago Moist Forest

Tristan Da Cunha-Gough Islands Shrub and Grasslands

Trobriand Islands Rainforests

Tuamotu Tropical Moist Forests

Tubuai Tropical Moist Forests

Tumbes-Piura Dry Forests

Tyrrhenian-Adriatic Sclerophyllous and Mixed Forests

Uatumã-Trombetas Moist Forests

Ucayali Moist Forests

Upper Gangetic Plains Moist Deciduous Forests

Upper Midwest US Forest-Savanna Transition

Urals Montane Forest and Taiga

Uruguayan Savanna

Ussuri Broadleaf and Mixed Forests

Valdivian Temperate Forests

Vanuatu Rainforests

Venezuelan Andes Montane Forests

Veracruz Dry Forests

Veracruz Moist Forests

Veracruz Montane Forests

Victoria Basin Forest-Savanna

Victoria Plains Tropical Savanna

Vogelkop Montane Rainforests

Vogelkop-Aru Lowland Rainforests

Wasatch and Uinta Montane Forests

Watson Highlands Taiga

West Sahara Desert

West Saharan Montane Xeric Woodlands

West Siberian Taiga

West Sudanian Savanna

Western Australian Mulga Shrublands

Western Congolian Forest-Savanna

Western Congolian Swamp Forests

Western Ecuador Moist Forests

Western Great Lakes Forests

Western Guinean Lowland Forests

Western Gulf Coastal Grasslands

Western Himalayan Alpine Shrub and Meadows

Western Himalayan Broadleaf Forests

Western Himalayan Subalpine Conifer Forests

Western Java Montane Rainforests

Western Java Rainforests

Western Polynesian Tropical Moist Forests

Western Shortgrass Prairie

Western Siberian Hemiboreal Forests

Westland Temperate Forests

Willamette Valley Oak Savanna

Windward Islands Moist Forests

Wyoming Basin Shrub Steppe

Xingu-Tocantins-Araguaia Moist Forests

Yamal-Gydan Tundra

Yap Tropical Dry Forests

Yapen Rainforests

Yarlung Zanbo Arid Steppe

Yucatan Dry Forests

Yucatan Moist Forests

Yunnan Plateau Subtropical Evergreen Forests

Zagros Mountains Forest Steppe

Zambezian Baikiaea Woodlands

Zambezian Coastal Flooded Savanna

Zambezian Evergreen Dry Forests

Zambezian Flooded Grasslands

Zambezian Mopane Woodlands

Zambezian-Limpopo Mixed Woodlands