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Individuals and Family Offices

Individuals and Family Offices

We can solve the climate crisis with solutions that exist right now. The latest science, spearheaded by One Earth, shows we can achieve the 1.5°C goal through three pillars of action – a shift to 100% renewable energy, protection and restoration of half of the world’s lands and oceans, and a transition to regenerative agriculture. Significant financial investment is needed to power and scale the solutions in time. Philanthropy (from philanthropists, businesses and individuals) can and must play a catalytic role in this moment, scaling climate action and helping to unlock the necessary ambition to move public and private investments.

With just 2% of global philanthropic resources going to climate and environment efforts, and just a fraction of that reaching climate action on the ground, there is a powerful opportunity to drive lasting positive change by scaling resources for frontline solutions informed by our unique science backed global strategy. One Earth can work with you or your family office to create a custom philanthropic portfolio of impactful climate projects from around the world or in your local bioregion, that are guided by science, vetted by our global network of respected partners and our team, and are in alignment with the places, issues, and people you care about most.

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