One Earth is supported by the following Individuals and organizations

One Earth is supported by the following Individuals and organizations

 Spike Buckley is a founding board member of One Earth. Prior to One Earth, Spike founded Earth’s Call Fund with a mission to deploy capital to innovators targeting climate change. He is an avid supporter of the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Conservation Colorado, the League of Conservation Voters, and NextGen America. 

 Ginny Jordan is Co-founder of Beadforlife in Boulder, Colorado, and Kampala, Uganda. She is on the Cricket Island Foundation and Earth Vision Trust boards.

The Jena & Michael King Foundation

The Jena & Michael King Foundation focuses on protecting, restoring, and nurturing the cycle of life. Through support of regenerative agriculture, healthy soils and climate, and the general health of all beings, biodiversity, and living systems, the foundation gives special attention to the rising youth movement and indigenous leadership. 

Established in 2018, Grounded launched with a mission to identify and advance scalable climate crisis solutions to ensure a thriving planet. Founded by Julia Jackson, a second generation proprietor Jackson Family Wines, Grounded convenes and connects to scale climate solutions. The Summit convenes and fosters collaboration between the world’s foremost climate change experts: a diverse community of scientists, policymakers, investors, executives, and front-line organizations to cross-pollinate transformative ideas and innovative solutions.

The WILD ELEMENTS Foundation, a conscious catalyst for change, accelerates efforts to restore our global ecosystem. They are fueled by the Power of Three, a symbiotic union between Animalkind, Humankind, and Plantkind™, because one can’t thrive without the other. They disrupt philanthropy with intention and lead with compassion, shifting power and vital resources to women, Indigenous communities, and people of color on the frontlines of conservation. By diversifying funding and leveraging creative storytelling, they make every grant exponentially more impactful -- advancing and scaling environmental change.