Amazon Frontlines | Securing Indigenous Land Rights

Amazon Frontlines was born from the water project ClearWater: a collaboration between four Indigenous nationalities and an international support team to provide Indigenous families with access to clean water in a region impacted by industrial contamination and to empower Indigenous community members in the process. As the water project grew and health improved in the communities, the four nationalities saw the potential for collaboration to address a multitude of threats facing their rainforest territories, cultures, and way of life. The Indigenous organization Ceibo Alliance was formed to address these issues. Amazon Frontlines is the organization committed to working alongside the Ceibo Alliance to support the nationalities' vision for cultural survival and rainforest conservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. One Earth, in partnership with Wid Elements, supports Amazon Frontlines in helping the Siekopai nation gain legal title to 190k hectares of their ancestral lands in the biodiverse rainforests along the border of Ecuador and Peru.

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