LA Compost | Compost Access and Soil Education

LA Compost strives to connect the people of Los Angeles to the soil, and to each other. They recognize that the root cause of environmental destruction is a disassociation with the natural world and are working towards a connection to the soil that feeds us all. Their objectives are to make food scrap collection, compost creation, and compost education accessible by developing a community-based model to keep the valuable resource of organics local, especially in LA County’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. Program activities include building community compost hubs for local residents, building regional compost hubs for small businesses, and educational programming ranging from municipality-funded classroom workshops to farmers market tabling, garden demonstrations, and community turn days. Access to LA Compost’s programming helps demystify the composting process and converts curiosity into action to create healthy soils that profoundly impact our communities.

LA Compost now oversees 33 active compost hubs throughout Los Angeles County that are available for food scrap drop off and compost education. Collectively these hubs have the capacity to divert one million pounds of food waste to be recovered as a valued resource for local communities. Soil health is vital to the health and wellbeing of individuals and the environment and by completing the story of food from farm to table and back to the land we are able to empower communities to participate in regenerating the health of our soils and our souls.

This grant will support capacity building efforts that will increase LA Composts' ability to heal the soils and communities of Los Angeles County through participation, empowerment and education in the benefits of compost. 

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