Bioregional Financing Facilities | Reimagining Finance to Regenerate Our Planet

As awareness and understanding of the polycrisis grow, and regulatory pressure increases, actors from across the financial sector are beginning to direct financial capital towards supporting biocultural regeneration. While on the surface this might seem promising, there is significant risk that if these resources flow through the existing financial architecture, they could lead to further commodification, privatisation, financialisation, and centralisation of natural assets and wealth. Therefore, closing the "nature finance gap" alone is not sufficient. Where those resources are spent, how financing is structured, and who gets to make those decisions is as important as the quantum of capital. In particular, how those resources support the transformation of systems, relationships, and worldviews will determine whether they are successful in addressing the ecological crisis and polycrisis that we collectively face. Bioregional Financing Facilities (BFFs) are a new layer in the global financial architecture that can drive the decentralisation of financial resource governance, the design of project portfolios for systemic change, and the transition to a regenerative economy at the bioregional scale. They have the potential to become the connective tissue between financial resources and on-the-ground regenerators by enabling strategic, integrated capital raised from a variety of sources to flow to aggregated portfolios of systemically coordinated and supported regenerative projects on the ground. This book, supported by One Earth, lays out how Bioregional Financing Facilities can put financial systems in service to life.

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