One Earth Events

One Earth Events

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Conservation Imperatives: securing the last unprotected terrestrial sites

Frontiers Forum Deep Dive | Conservation Imperatives | Preventing the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth

September 25, 2024
Explore next steps in protecting habitats for rare and threatened species, as part of a larger global strategy to protect 30% of the world's surface by 2023. This interactive event builds on the Conservation Imperatives paper that maps priority sites for rare species at imminent risk of extinction and outlines strategic actions for their urgent protection.

ACCELERATE 2050 event banner

Accelerate 2050 | Climate • ESG • Impact

May 8-9, 2024
One Earth's Co-founder and Deputy Director, Karl Burkart, will be attending Accelerate 2050 on May 8-9 to share insights alongside 150+ top experts in social, financial & environmental sustainability and impact.

One Earth's Executive Director, Justin Winters, will be speaking at Techonomy Climate | Encoding Resilience

Techonomy Climate 2024 | Encoding Resilience

April 3, 2024
Explore the future of climate solutions at Techonomy Climate 2024: Encoding Resilience, where innovation meets urgency. Join experts, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech pioneers as we navigate the complexities of the climate crisis and unprecedented global challenges. These cross-industry conversations strive for a diversified approach, harnessing the power of technology to accelerate positive change and propel us toward a sustainable future. One Earth's Executive Director, Justin Winters, presenting.

Women Who Embody Revolution Through Storytelling SXSW event

Women Who Embody Revolution Through Storytelling | SXSW 2024

March 10, 2024
In the midst of the climate crisis, fast-paced news, social media, and increasing disconnection, hope is found in community-driven stories. Little Indian Girl, a new storytelling collective, discusses the future of storytelling and the power of narrative sovereignty with women, Indigenous and two-spirit artists, and Earth guardians who embody revolution through art. When knowledge and culture is preserved, we create tangible solutions for the next generations. When power and resources are given to communities to tell our own stories, we have the power to shift narratives to change the world. Featuring One Earth's Executive Director, Justin Winters, Tara Houska, Gingger Shankar and moderated by Rosario Dawson.

Surviving and Thriving event

Surviving and Thriving: Embracing our Adaptability Amidst a Changing Climate | The Western Section of The Wildlife Society 2024 Annual Meeting

February 8, 2024
The news in the world is often full of negativity and daunting challenges. This is especially true in our profession when it comes to loss of biodiversity, including the threats resulting from a changing climate. People across all spectrums of society are scrambling to address these challenges. One Earth’s Executive Director, Justin Winters, joined this year’s plenary for a discussion on the science-based pathways and solutions happening now.

One Earth's Co-founder, Karl Burkart presents at the National Energy Security Summit

Climate Emergency & Energy Security D.O.E. Summit 

November 16, 2023
At the National Energy Security Summit in Washington D.C. convened by EOPAmerica, One Earth's Deputy Director Karl Burkart presented the latest One Earth climate model and some key solutions for local governments to implement to solve climate change.

Nature for Life 2023

The Nature for Life Hub 2023 | Learning for Nature

November 7-9, 2023
Over the past four years, the Nature for Life Hub has fostered a diverse and empowered nature-positive coalition. Featuring nature champions, mobilizers, leaders, dreamers, and doers, the Nature for Life Hub 2023 will serve as a vital platform to help drive the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). The event will allow participants to "choose their own adventure” as they explore the Hub over the three-day event and beyond.

TOP Co-Op | Climate Solutions: the road to 1.5 and finding your place in it

October 4—November 15, 2023
The Oxygen Project Cooperative (TOP Co-Op) is a community run in partnership with One Earth that supports, trains, and connects budding change-makers. TOP Co-Op forwards our theory of change to create a more conscious, regenerative, and climate-resilient world by providing an on-ramp to climate action through our Activate Your Activism program. During the 6-week curriculum, fellows will turn inspiration into action through up-skilling workshops, knowledge sharing from expert speakers, mentorship from the TOP team, and being in a kindred community. Together, we aim to ignite the next generation of climate leaders.

The Nest Climate Campus | Impact with Climate Philanthropy | Climate Week NYC

September 21, 2023
Dramatic changes to the world’s climate are rapidly bringing an increasing number of issues to the financial world with regard to climate adaptation, innovation, and regulation (“AIR”). Gitterman Asset Management hosted several panel discussions on a variety of climate topics, including impact investing, social justice issues, women's leadership, and philanthropy. Our Executive Director, Justin Winters, took part in the panel focused on Impact with Climate Philanthropy.

Rising to the Challenge: How Storytelling Drives Climate Action | Climate Week NYC

September 19, 2023
With the science clear and the solutions waiting for adoption, the battle against the climate crisis will now be won or lost through storytelling. We need an engaged, inspired, and activated public to build a safe, just, and restored world. Our Executive Director, Justin Winters, presenting One Earth’s work on building the knowledge to create a framework for a new climate story.

Clinton Global Initiative 2023

Clinton Global Initiative 2023 | Climate Week NYC

September 18, 2023
We’re delighted to announce our participation in the “Commitments to Action” unveiled at the Clinton Global Initiative 2023. Our Executive Director, Justin Winters, shared the stage with other global leaders to pledge our commitment to addressing the unmet needs of 1.8 billion adolescents and young people worldwide. One Earth is honored to collaborate closely with our partners to counter the rising epidemic of eco-anxiety by empowering young people with the knowledge, tools, and social connections they need to envision and shape a healthy, vibrant future.

Unleashing the Power of Purposeful Capital: Perspectives on Venture Philanthropy & Impact Investments | Amaly Legacy Podcast

Unleashing the Power of Purposeful Capital: Perspectives on Venture Philanthropy & Impact Investments | Amaly Legacy Podcast

September 15, 2023
Amaly Legacy is a podcast that offers perspectives at the nexus of philanthropy, impact investments, and social and environmental innovation. This session explores diverse perspectives from thought leaders on Climate Philanthropy. Panel discussion hosted and moderated by Wahid A. Kamalian from Amaly Legacy featuring Aditi Shah, Director of Climate Philanthropy, Impatience Earth, Karimi Kinoti, Director of Special Projects from Christian Aid, Karl Burkart, Deputy Director, One Earth, Savanna Ferguson, Executive Director, Climate Breakthrough, and Jessica Smith, Co-Lead Nature, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Future Fit Cities Summit

Future Fit Cities Summit @ LobbyFest | One City. One Earth

September 14, 2023
A multi-disciplinary community of designers, architects, planners, economic development and city leaders, community-builders, place-makers, technologists, and more for this one-day, hands-on summit nestled inside LobbyFest. One Earth's Executive Director, Justin Winters, gave a keynote speech entitled One City. One Earth.

Conservation X Labs | Extinction Solutions Index Big Think

September 14-15, 2023
In the lead-up to Climate Week, our Deputy Director, Karl Burkart, took part in the Extinction Solutions Index (ESI) Big Think, a two-day workshop where researchers, scientists, innovators, conservationists, and other minds dedicated to protecting our planet's biodiversity came together to identify 25 game-changing solutions. These are now part of the ESI's robust repository designed to centralize and prioritize measures to combat species extinction.

Collective Action To Save The Planet with Justin Winters (One Earth).

Collective Action To Save The Planet with Justin Winters (One Earth).

Collective Action to Save the Planet with Justin Winters (One Earth) | Ma Earth Podcast

One Earth's Co-founder and Executive Director, Justin Winters, in conversation with Matthew Monahan on the Ma Earth Postcast. In this interview, they discuss the importance of collective action to solve the climate crisis, the need for a paradigm shift in how humans relate to nature, and One Earth's mission to address climate change and biodiversity loss through a three-pillar framework.

Parallel Conference | Changemakers Unite to Discuss the Future

July 6 to 9, 2023
The Parallel Conference unites global innovators, policymakers, startups, investors, researchers, and organizations to discuss, educate, network, and work together to find solutions to our most pressing issues. One Earth's Deputy Director, Karl Burkart, will be speaking.

If Nature Could Draw a Map of the World | Karl Burkart | TEDxPorto

June 7, 2023
We’ve grown accustomed to seeing our world divided into countries and states, but there is another way to see and better understand the planet we call home. Karl Burkart unveils a new biogeographical framework developed at One Earth with the input of scientists and experts to delineate 185 discreet bioregions—or "nature's countries"—organized by grouping closely related terrestrial ecoregions. On the heels of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, which adopted a global target to protect and conserve 30% of lands and seas by 2030, the bioregional map invites us to rethink how we might organize collective action in the future to achieve such ambitious objectives. While the architecture of UN agreements is, of course, based on nation-states, nature organizes the world in a very different way. To truly achieve success in protecting our priceless natural resources and supporting the local communities that preserve critical ecosystem services, such as water provisioning and carbon flux (which sequesters away half of our global carbon emissions annually), we need to consider nature's architecture. Karl proposes a science-based approach to utilizing bioregions in allocating the huge amounts of capital required to protect and conserve nature at scale.

One Earth. Together, We Can Solve The Climate Crisis | Just Another Mindset Podcast 

May 29, 2023
One Earth’s Deputy Director, Karl Burkart, joined Ismael von der Gathen on the Just Another Mindset podcast. They discussed Karl's early years as an activist, the power of storytelling, One Earth's three pillars of collective action, and emphasized the essential role of biodiversity within the broader discourse on climate change.

Philanthro-activism for the Planet | Lead With We podcast

May 22, 2023
One Earth’s Co-founder & Executive Director, Justin Winters, was a featured guest on the Lead With We podcast with Simon Mainwaring, where she discussed the Project Marketplace and the power of collective action.

Bloomberg Green Summit Bloomberg Green Summit | The Power of Restoration: Impacting People & Planet

April 26th, 2023
At the intersection of people and planet, nature restoration projects are a powerful tool of choice for many companies devoted to a net-zero future. How can corporate partners ensure their restoration projects drive real climate and social and economic progress? Top environmental leaders and corporate executives gathered at this breakout lunch briefing to discuss best practices for measuring success, engaging authentically at the local level and more. One Earth's Deputy Director, Karl Burkart, presented.

The Time of the Feminine Podcast | Justin Winters: Collective Action for the Earth

April 20, 2023
One Earth's Co-founder and Executive Director, Justin Winters, joins the Global Sisterhood's Shaina Conners on the Time of the Feminine Podcast to discuss why collective action is the solution to solving the climate crisis.

Live From Earth 2023 | Women Working for the Earth Panel

April 17-22, 2023 
Live from Earth aims to be the largest online Earth Day event to date. Join a powerful lineup of changemakers and creatives from around the globe to unite in one massive impact to help protect our planet! The event is totally free to join and 100% of net proceeds will be donated. Each day of the Earth Week Summit will benefit a non-profit related to that day's theme and the global audience will be encouraged to make donations to support the work of these high-impact charitable organizations. Speakers include One Earth's Executive Director, Justin Winters, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Vandana Shiva, Captain Paul Watson, and Lynne Twist, to name a few. Musicians thus far include Ziggy Marley, Donovan, Xavier Rudd, The String Cheese Incident, and more.

Bioneers | Solving the Climate Crisis in One Generation

April 8th | 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm
Join leaders in energy transition, nature conservation, and regenerative agriculture in a vibrant conversation to explore how both big-picture thinking and slews of on-the-ground practical projects can play a role in solving the climate crisis in time. Hosted by: Justin Winters, co-founder and Executive Director of One Earth. With: Samuel Gensaw III (Yurok), Director of the Ancestral Guard; Cynthia Daley, PhD., founder/Director of the Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems at Cal State Chico; and Danny Kennedy, entrepreneur and founder of New Energy Nexus.