Justin Winters: Collective Action for the Earth | The Time of the Feminine Podcast

Justin Winters: Collective Action for the Earth | The Time of the Feminine Podcast

One Earth's Co-founder and Executive Director, Justin Winters, joins The Global Sisterhood's Shaina Conners on the Time of the Feminine Podcast to discuss why collective action is the solution to solving the climate crisis. 

There has been a real lack of clarity when it comes to solving the great conundrums of the climate crisis and a growing sense of climate nihilism all around. However, all hope is not lost. 

Justin believes in collective action against the climate crisis, which is why she founded One Earth, which is all about coming together as a collective for climate action as well as being a space with the tools to support collective action for the Earth and for each other. 

According to the One Earth Climate Model the three pillars solutions framework to solve the climate crisis are

  1. transition to 100% renewable energy,
  2. protection, connection, and restoration of 50% of the world’s land and oceans, and 
  3. a transition of our food systems to regenerative agriculture. 

Having this knowledge, as well as the drive to encourage collective action, is what Justin believes can help One Earth achieve its goals and improve our climate conditions.

For the past 15 years, Justin has worked to accelerate grassroots environmental efforts through cutting-edge philanthropic mechanisms and strategic communications work. Through One Earth, she has pioneered a new approach to climate philanthropy by democratizing access to innovative and impactful climate solution projects around the world, enabling donors at all levels to contribute directly to communities and grassroots leaders who are driving change from the ground up.

Listen to the Time of the Feminine Podcast to hear more about Justin's journey and One Earth's work. 

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