Future Coalition | Youth Climate Movement

Young people across the globe have catalyzed a climate movement to build the world that they want for their future. Aiding in this fight in the United States in Future Coalition. The coalition includes youth-led organizations such as Zero Hour, Earth Uprising, Earth Guardians, Fridays For Future USA, Sunrise, International Indigenous Youth Council, US Youth Climate Strike, and Extinction Rebellion Youth. Future Coalition acts as a connection within youth-led organizations and in connection with other climate groups, as well as between the climate movement and other related movements such as housing, immigration, gun reform, good jobs, human rights and healthcare. 

Future Coalition fosters stronger community and collaboration among youth-leaders and youth-led organizations by providing youth activist with the tools to make a greater impact in a coordinated and strategic way. They lead with an intersectional committee structure that creates and disperses the needed tools, resources and support. Some of these include community building events on-and-offline to grow connections within the movement, regular information blasts, trainings, toolkits and direct mentorship. Future Coalition is matching youth-needs with adult ally volunteers so that organizing expertise such as field organizing, fundraising, advocacy and lobbying skills are passed down to the next generation of activists. They are galvanizing knowledge sharing from adult allies who have been activists for years and jump-starting the youth with hard skills.

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