Our Climate | A Bold Campaign to Put a Price on Carbon

Our Climate (OC), a millennial-led organization, mobilizes young leaders to advocate for equitable and science-based climate policy. In partnership with the National Geographic series Years of Living Dangerously, OC is co leading the national Put A Price On It campaign. This movement empowers the next generation of climate leaders and builds political will for a bold and pragmatic solution to climate change: putting a price on carbon.

Putting a price on greenhouse gases is an indispensable step in the effort to achieve climate stability. Currently, the social costs of burning fossil fuels--e.g. increased incidents of asthma and heat stroke, disaster response and repair, widespread loss of home--are not reflected in the prices we pay as consumers, investors, and innovators. By requiring polluters to account for these costs, there is a financial incentive to reduce greenhouse gas pollution in the short-term and transition to the clean energy economy for the long-term. 

Over the coming year, Put A Price On It priorities include:

  1. Energize efforts to secure state-level carbon pricing wins through youth organizing, legislative advocacy, and innovative communications. 
  2. Build public support and awareness for carbon pricing through media, digital engagement, and outreach events. 
  3. Empower and diversify a growing base of young leaders to advocate for strong and equitable science-based climate policy. 

The Put A Price On It campaign blends grassroots organizing, leadership development, and high-impact communications to secure carbon pricing wins, while empowering the next generation of climate leaders. Since the campaign launched in mid-2016, the campaign has educated thousands of voters and rallied youth support for this powerful climate policy. The campaign leverages peer-to-peer learning, college and community trainings, and extensive media coverage to grow and elevate the movement for a price on carbon. 

Now is the time for the generations most affected by climate change to act. Our Climate will hold polluters accountable with a price on carbon, and fight tirelessly for bold climate solutions that will protect a livable world for this generation and generations to come.

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