Women networking to save the Earth

Image credit: Courtesy of WECAN International

Women networking to save the Earth

March 8th is International Women's Day, marking the anniversary of women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917. The United Nations began honoring the day in 1977, and this year One Earth is celebrating by highlighting female-led networks around the world who are making a difference in the fight against the climate crisis.

WECAN International
The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network fights for global climate justice through on-the-ground projects, direct action, and policy advocacy with women at its forefront. Founded by Osprey Orielle Lake, the organization was created after the inspiring 2013 International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit where it became clear that women are the most adversely impacted by global temperature rise. Giving women not only a voice, but the training to put their plans into action, the group focuses on short and long-term solutions to address the root causes of environmental degradation and socio-economic inequalities. 

Women for Wildlife
Founded in 2015 by biologist Jennifer Palmer, Women for Wildlife provides a pathway to support women who care about wildlife conservation. Scientists, photographers, Indigenous leaders, artists, activists, students, filmmakers, tourism operators, business owners, and explorers all play an essential role in the future of the species on our planet. However, in the field, gender discrimination, education, funding, and equal opportunity, far too often stand in the way. Through regional chapters, advocating science programs for young girls, workshops, and expeditions, these visions join together to save the wild.

Indigenous Women's Biodiversity Network
The  Indigenous Women's Biodiversity Network began in 1998 with the goal of promoting the fundamental part Indigenous women provide in conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. With members from all seven continents, this group unites traditional knowledge and community practice so that Indigenous women are included and heard in international discussions. Women are also educated about policy and worldwide events join them in solitary. 

Women for Conservation
Five projects sites have been established in Colombia dedicated to preserving natural resources while significantly reducing threats to endangered species thanks to Women for Conservation. Sara Ines Lara founded the network in 2004, and so far has empowered over 1,000 women by providing education, environmentally sustainable economic opportunities, and access to health clinics and family planning. Partnering with women to protect wildlife and their habitats, the organization is expanding its reach to marginalized women in Nepal and hopes to broaden worldwide.

Women in Nature Network
WiNN is on a mission to win the fight against climate change by empowering women in their abilities to manage natural resources and to protect the environment. With decades of experience, 14 international conservation leaders founded the group in 2013. Developing a global community of women, they want to support and embolden the future generation of environmental leaders. Through individual chapter workshops, attendees are able to exchange their experiences, strengthen their leadership skills, and connect with other women.

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