How cutting edge artificial intelligence is teaching youth about Amazon deforestation

How cutting edge artificial intelligence is teaching youth about Amazon deforestation

The 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change took place from October 28 to November 12, 2021. The event was a hub for negotiations, treaties, and agreements between governments and countries aimed at reducing global carbon dioxide emissions and mitigating climate change. Concurrently, thousands of young individuals, territorial leaders, and environmentalists gathered in Glasgow to shape new climate strategies and advocate for prompt and significant policy reforms.

Amazonas en Llamas: An Interactive Project

One standout leader was Eyal Weintraub, who attended the event to promote Amazonas en Llamas, an interactive environmental project tailored for social media platforms.

  • Users can interact through platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram.
  • They engage in a chat conversation powered by artificial intelligence with characters from the year 2030. In this projected future, the Amazon rainforest is ablaze.
  • Users explore potential actions that could save the planet and humanity.
  • Throughout the interactions, questions and videos emerge, addressing global warming and the challenges the Amazon Rainforest faces. Despite the dire circumstances, the conversations remain optimistic, highlighting potential solutions to the climate crisis.

The conception of Amazonas en Llamas was facilitated by a storytelling grant provided by National Geographic to the Argentine company, Talk2U. The project saw collaboration from:

  • Biologists
  • Anthropologists
  • Jurists
  • Geoengineers
  • Representatives from indigenous Amazon communities

Additionally, a vast network of young storytellers played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative, scripting, and technology testing.

“To solve the climate crisis, the action of activists, politicians, scientists, and Indigenous peoples is required. Working with individuals from varied disciplines fosters a diversity of voices, reaching a broader audience.” — Eyal Weintraub, Youth Climate Ambassador at Talk2U

Nicolás Ferrario, the co-founder of the project, emphasized the advantages of creating a project for social networks—most of the population already has a social media app installed on their mobile devices, and each user can curate a unique experience as it's a personal tool.

“It's a platform where ignorance isn't ridiculed. It's intriguing to consider those skeptical of global warming. Public skepticism might be challenging, especially in settings where there's fear of judgment.” — Nicolás Ferrario, Founder of Amazonas en Llamas

A Rising Awareness: Environmental Education

In recent times, environmental concerns have increasingly occupied the public discourse. For instance, Argentina passed the Environmental Education Law in May 2021, aiming to infuse sustainability paradigms into both formal and informal educational systems.

Yet, many Latin American countries lack specific legislation to foster environmental awareness. One major challenge in environmental education is the disparity in teaching methods and approaches.

Amazonas en Llamas: An Innovative Educator

Amazonas en Llamas offers an engaging avenue to educate the youth about climate change while also enlightening users about the multifaceted consequences of a warming Earth.

A 2020 report by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) highlighted a surge in migrations, attributing it to climate change. However, the notion of environmental refugees is largely absent from the public psyche. Interestingly, the central characters in Amazonas en Llamas are three climate refugees who relocated from Brazil to southern Argentina following an ecological catastrophe.

In an era where mere scientific evidence doesn't suffice to convince the entirety of the populace about the gravity of the climate crisis, interactive platforms like Amazonas en Llamas emerge as potent tools for raising environmental consciousness.

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