Protect the Pride: Disney commits to help bring back lions

Protect the Pride: Disney commits to help bring back lions

The Lion Recovery Fund is proud to announce a new collaboration with Disney in celebration of The Lion King that will help recover lions in Africa and inspire lion conservation in the hearts and minds of people around the world. 

This July, Disney is releasing a brand new The Lion King—a groundbreaking feature film unlike anything audiences have seen before. In the 25-years since the first film’s release, Africa has lost half of all lions in the wild. Most people around the world have been largely unaware that we are rapidly losing Africa’s lions. This lack of awareness means that lions and the incredible conservationists working to protect them are not receiving the support needed to stop this crisis.

Wildlife Conservation Network launched the Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) in 2017 to halt and reverse this decline and bring back the lion population. 

Disney’s support will help the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund and its partners reach its goal of doubling the number of lions in Africa by the year 2050; a goal the LRF seeks to achieve through efforts that engage communities to ensure a future for African wildlife and their habitats. In addition to providing philanthropic support to the LRF, Disney will also promote lion conservation to a global audience in celebration of one of their most successful franchises. By encouraging audiences to “Protect the Pride,” Disney and the Lion Recovery Fund are urging fans and wildlife lovers around the world to participate in lion recovery. 

The Disney Conservation Fund has been a recognized leader in conservation efforts for decades and has worked with Wildlife Conservation Network for over 15 years. Through the power of its storytelling, Disney can inspire people of all ages to support the Lion Recovery Fund and help bring lions back to Africa.

You can Protect the Pride: 

· Learn more about The Lion King by visiting

· Spread the word: join the conversation and raise awareness of the crisis facing lions with the hashtags #TheLionKing #ProtectThePride

· Donate to the Lion Recovery Fund to protect lions.


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