Take One Step for One Earth

Take One Step for One Earth

  • One Earth is partnering with regenerative footwear brand Vivobarefoot to support three incredible Indigenous-led projects that are providing meaningful solutions to the climate crisis. Join us by making a donation. You can also show your support by sharing this campaign on social media with the hashtag #OneStepForOneEarth.

    Read more about the One Earth and Vivobarefoot collaboration here.

If we act TOGETHER we can tackle the issues facing our planet. The solutions exist, they just need support. With help, these projects can grow, driving change from the ground up.
Each one will:

  • protect lands that store carbon and contain rich biodiversity
  • support farmers practicing regenerative farming methods
  • preserve cultural knowledge – (elders know a thing or two about how people and planet can work in harmony!)

Indigenous-led Climate Solutions

Each of these projects focus on regenerative principles to tackle climate change and work to preserve knowledge that keeps us in harmony with our environment. Amazon Frontlines and the Ceibo Alliance are pioneering a new model of Indigenous-led conservation in the Upper Amazon. The Agroecology Fund and MELCA, are reviving Indigenous farming practices to support traditional communities in Ethiopia. The Rainbow Fiber Co-operative is an Indigenous lead Navajo- Churro Wool Cooperative that is preserving biodiversity and traditional Navajo methods. Click on the images below to learn more.