Webinar Recap: Three Pillars of Action to Solve the Climate Crisis

Webinar Recap: Three Pillars of Action to Solve the Climate Crisis

Each Wednesday, One Earth will be featuring a webinar recap from organizations and scientists around the world that focus on important topics such as biodiversity, conservation, food justice, and the intersections of environmental and human health.

Gina Murphy-Darling, the passionate host of Mrs. Green’s World podcast, begins the show with a poem by T. E. Lawrence. 

Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that all was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they may act dreams with open eyes, and make them possible. 

Introducing her guest, Justin Winters the Co-Founder and Executive Director of One Earth, is described as one of these so called “dreamers of the day.” Before diving straight into climate change action, Murphy-Darling asks Winters how she came to be such a fervent fighter for the planet. Summers spent outside connected a young Winters to the earth and gave her not only solace, but an awareness of her place within nature. Growing up with a passion in fine arts, it wasn’t until after school she realized one didn’t need to be a scientist to have a career in environmental issues.

Winters worked on Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary The 11th Hour and “knew right then and there that I would spend my life working on these issues.” She helped build the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation from the ground up. Building relationships and writing grants that would lead to $10 million for 200 on-the-ground projects across 60 different countries. “All the people out there trying, it’s possible to change how we live on the planet.”

Our host counteracts Winters’ optimism with “scientists say we have 60 years of soil left.” It is the perfect set up for One Earth’s Three Pillars of Action.  Renewable energy, nature conservation, and zero agricultural emissions are what is needed to limit  global average temperature rise to  1.5°C. New studies show that a 100% renewable energy system will be significantly cheaper than our current system, unlocking trillions in additional GDP while stimulating the economy through millions of new jobs and billions of dollars in avoided climate and health costs. Protecting and restoring 50% of the Earth’s lands and seas is essential to preserve biodiversity and solve the climate crisis. Lastly, shifting to regenerative, carbon-negative practices could reduce climate change and improve food security. 

This is One Earth’s plan, but they have already begun to take action says Winters. The Global Safety Net (GSN) is an interactive map where grassroots organizations can find data to back their efforts. Investors, donors, and anyone wanting to give their philanthropic dollars can also find live, on-the-ground projects fighting climate change and environmental issues. 

“Humans have a huge capacity for creativity and for manifesting things that they imagine,” says Winters. She closes with asking listeners to “imagine a whole, just, thriving world… us having protected and restored vast swaths of nature… communities much more connected... working in tandem… clean air, clean water… everybody having access to education regardless of skin color, regardless of income level. Imagine the world you want.” We are under constant attack from dark views of the world on the news, Winters proclaims the light is real, change is possible,  and can be accomplished in three steps. How is easy they are is how quickly everyone can get on board. 

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