Who We Are

Photo credit: Félix Pharand-Deschênes, Globaia

One Earth is a philanthropic organization working to accelerate collective action to stay below 1.5°C in global average temperature rise. The solutions for the climate crisis already exist, and the latest science shows we can achieve the 1.5°C limit through three pillars of action – a shift to 100% renewable energy by 2050, protection and restoration of half of the world’s lands and oceans, and a transition to regenerative, climate-friendly agriculture. To achieve these goals, we must rapidly scale philanthropic capital to meet critical funding gaps over the coming decade. One Earth’s mission is to inspire greater ambition and collaboration in the philanthropic sector, and to drive urgently needed resources where they’re needed most – to frontline leaders and organizations working to build a just, vibrant future for all.

At One Earth, we believe it’s possible to solve the climate crisis. Our optimism is fueled by groundbreaking science, the power of community-led action, and the game-changing potential of targeted philanthropy.

Proving What’s Possible

The solutions for the climate crisis exist right now. Science shows we can stay below 1.5°C through three pillars of action – 

  1. a shift to 100% renewable energy by 2050; 
  2. protection and restoration of half of the world’s lands and oceans; and 
  3. a transition to regenerative, climate-friendly agriculture. 

Science tells us what needs to happen, where it needs to happen and by when. It gives us the clarity and confidence to invest in solutions that work. 

One Earth funds and develops scientific models that show how we can stay below the 1.5°C threshold, as well as science and technology efforts dedicated to solving three complex, interconnected challenges – climate change, biodiversity loss, and food security. We create data products (like the Global Safety Net) to make sure the information is useful and actionable. Science is the foundation for everything we do 

Scaling Solutions from the Ground Up

Millions of people in communities and organizations around the world are working to drive the shifts to stay below 1.5°C. They are transitioning their communities to renewable energy, protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, and switching to regenerative agriculture practices. They are doing all of this work with limited resources, sometimes against seemingly insurmountable odds. These leaders need support.

Today. However, environmental causes receive less than 2% of global philanthropy, with frontline community projects receiving less than 1%. To solve the climate crisis and build the future we want, we must radically scale climate philanthropy to target these on-the-ground efforts. 

One Earth’s mission is to mobilize significant philanthropic capital -- from high net worth families, companies, and everyday citizens -- to provide urgently needed resources to leaders, organizations, and communities who are implementing climate solutions today. This fall, we will launch an online global marketplace of non-profit projects in need of funding that directly contribute to achieving the 1.5°C goal. The projects will be organized through a biogeographical framework within the three main solutions pathways of One Earth, connecting capital with changemakers on the ground.  

Taking Back the Climate Narrative 

Climate Nihilism has, unfortunately, gone viral, especially among younger individuals. Current studies show that, while most people understand that climate change is happening, many believe that worst-case scenarios are likely, and 12% think it’s already too late. A few years ago, “climate deniers” were derailing progress, but today the greatest threat to solving climate change is a sense of hopelessness. We need everyone to know that the 1.5°C limit is achievable if we act together with focus and determination.

One Earth works to raise awareness about the urgency of the 1.5°C limit and what needs to be done to get there focusing on three key audiences. We showcase inspiring projects of community-led action to attract investment in frontline solutions around the world. We produce executive briefings to inform stakeholders and decision makers advocating for key policy shifts. And we use social media to build a broad public movement of engaged and optimistic changemakers, telling the story of the transformation that is already underway and the just and vibrant future that is possible. 

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