Protecting the Arctic by Empowering Emerging Climate Youth Leaders

Image credit: Courtesy of Global Choices

Protecting the Arctic by Empowering Emerging Climate Youth Leaders

Bioregion Canadian Tundra (NA2)
Category Nature Conservation

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Realm Subarctic America

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Timeframe 6 Months
Partner Global Choices

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One Earth’s Project Marketplace funds on-the-ground climate solutions that are key to solving the climate crisis through three pillars of collective action — renewable energy, nature conservation, and regenerative agriculture. This project protects the Arctic by empowering women youth leaders. 

The Arctic is globally significant. Sea ice reflects the sun, acting as a cooling system key to climate stability. Yet, it is warming three times faster than anywhere else on the planet. Its loss dismantles other Earth systems, perhaps irreversibly, while shrinking habitats, putting species and people at risk.

Global Choices' mission is to save the Arctic ecosystem by empowering young women climate activists.

This project will support these youth leaders as they learn from Indigenous Peoples, communicate the devastating impacts of the ice crisis worldwide, and cultivate the skills to change policy.

Image credit: Courtesy of Global Choices

Science combined with heart

Global Choices is a women-led and intergenerational environmental organization searching for better ways to prioritize climate action. They focus on the rapidly-melting polar ice, for the world's fate is intertwined with its loss.

Their work is science-based, but head is combined with heart. Operating from a deep feminine consciousness is something Global Choices tries to embed in its operations and share with Arctic Angels, a network of youth climate activists.

Angels in the Arctic

Arctic Angels comprises 52 young women climate activists from 32 countries. From among them, this project will prepare 20 leaders to defend the Arctic through four workshops.

Connecting with Indigenous groups, they will learn traditional knowledge to bolster their capacity to endorse Arctic conservation. They will be mentored and given the skills to tell their stories, inspiring and influencing policymakers to protect the region.

Led by two UK-based Angels, support will help these women engage the group through network-wide meetings, organizing media coverage, and speaking events. They are instrumental in coordinating the in-person sessions and preparing materials.

Protecting nature through policy change

This project's primary goal is to protect a region threatened by resource extraction. Sea ice loss will cost the world economy more than $70 trillion and is vital for keeping global temperatures under 1.5℃.

The second is to expand the number of women leaders by equipping this network with the tools to galvanize policymakers. The aim is to get world leaders to commit to a ten-year halt on exploitative activities, protecting the Arctic, its people, and the 21,000 species who call it home.

Image credit: Courtesy of Global Choices

Voices on the global stage

Global Choices has already succeeded in bringing the voices of the Angels to high places, informing world leaders and the public of the urgency and far-reaching impacts of the ice crisis. The Angels have been speakers at forums such as Climate Action Live, Biden’s Leadership Summit, One Young World, and the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27).

Saving the ice by uniting the world

At the core of this project is a firm belief that nature is rooted in interdependence. Uniting diverse youth leaders around the world, therefore, has a sense of biomimicry about it as differences come together to build a whole-systems approach to the most pressing issues of our time.

That is why a ten-year moratorium is being pursued on all activities harmful to the Central Arctic Ocean and its sea ice. This is the first step to a more holistic management plan for Earth’s interconnected natural systems, upon which all life depends.

Together, women's leadership, the youth-led movement, and Indigenous voices can “save the ice” and cause a ripple effect that protects all nature worldwide.

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