Restoring the Biocultural Fabric of the Amazonian Sapara People through Women's Artwork

Restoring the Biocultural Fabric of the Amazonian Sapara People through Women's Artwork

Bioregion Andean Mountain Forests & Valleys (NT11)
Category Nature Conservation

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Realm Southern America

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Partner Asociación de las Mujeres Artesanas Saparas Itiwmu Tsamarikaw

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One Earth’s Project Marketplace funds on-the-ground climate solutions that are key to solving the climate crisis through three pillars of collective action — renewable energy, nature conservation, and regenerative agriculture.

This project of the Sapara Itiwmu Tsamarikaw Artisan Women’s Association will help women generate income for their families by crafting beauty art pieces that will be showcased in a collective Instagram account with the motto "enter in communion with the Amazon Rainforest."

"By crafting art pieces with seeds and feathers from the Jungle, our women and communities will rekindle their compromise to defend her, and when our beauty art gets to people in other countries, thousands will join our cause." — Tania Montahuano Ushigua

The purchase of equipment and software will enable the artisan women to make designs for seasonal collections and include photos and videos in their catalogs. A database of products will be created and prepared for content on Instagram and TikTok.

Sapara communities include the Suraka, Cuyacocha, Llanchama, and Masarama. The project is expected to inspire other communities to stop interacting with oil companies and support the collective demand to keep the forest alive and help protect the integrity of Indigenous territories.

Through this program, international supporters of the protection of the Sapara Territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon can obtain beautiful artwork and help spread the mission of saving the rainforest.

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