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On-the-ground climate solutions are key to solving the climate crisis, but they’re critically underfunded. The One Earth Project Marketplace is a first-of-its-kind online database of vetted projects currently seeking funding, contributed by a global network of partners across three pillars of action — renewable energy, ecosystem conservation, and regenerative agriculture. Learn more

Restoring Ecosystems at the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis through Women-led Climate Coalitions

Preserving Rainforest in the DR Congo through Higher Education in Rural Sciences

Lighting the Homes of Women Farmers with Solar Lamps in Rural Kenya

Growing Trees and Supporting Women farmers in Burundi

Protecting Gorillas and Biodiversity in the Karisoke Sector, Rwanda

Regenerating Land in India through Women-led Climate Resilient Farming

Investing in Women-led Water Solutions in Rwanda to Benefit both People and Mountain Gorillas

Implementing a Women-led Planetary Health Approach to Rainforest Regeneration in Gunung Palung, Indonesia

Supporting Community Health and Sustainable Livelihoods to Regenerate the Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil

Regenerating Rainforests and Preserving Biodiversity by Implementing Community-designed Solutions in Madagascar

Safeguarding Endangered Wildlife on Simeulue Island in Indonesia by Revitalizing Degraded Coconut Plantations

Rewilding a Conventional Cornfield in Rural Illinois into Native Biodiverse Natural System

Restoring the Biocultural Fabric of the Amazonian Sapara People through Women's Artwork

Restore California, A Dedicated BIPOC Fund to Implement Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Protecting Gray Whale Birthing Lagoons from Sea Level Rise in Baja California, Mexico through Women-led Restoration

Growing the team of Indigenous leaders of the GeoSchool of Biocultural Leadership in Panama

Strengthening Indigenous Territorial Management through Women-led Mapping Initiatives in Amazonia

Expanding Indigenous Territorial Management through Women-Led Mapping Initiatives in Eastern Africa

Preserving and Restoring the Forest Biodiversity of the Western Great Lakes Region of the US

Providing Shelter and Warmth to the Great Plains Tribes through a Novel, Sustainable Housing Technology

Protecting and Restoring the Last Native Forests of Gran Chaco in Argentina

Restoring a Hemp Fiber Economy Rooted in Northern Plains and Great Lakes Indigenous Nations

Improving Livelihoods and Soil Fertility Through Agroforestry in Central Africa

Protecting Asian Elephants and Improving Sustainable Livelihoods in the Forests of Cambodia

Protecting Rainforest through Healthcare and Sustainable Livelihoods in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya on Borneo Island, Indonesia

Improving the Food Security, Nutrition, and Sustainable Livelihoods of Women-Led Families in Central Nepal

Strengthening Agroecology and Community Resilience in Senegal

Restoring Indigenous Maskoke Homelands in Alabama through Indigenous Forest Conservation and Regenerative Agriculture

Reopening Wildlife Corridors and Saving Threatened Species in the Sebungwe and Zambezi Regions of Zimbabwe Through Women-led Community Development

Protecting a Critical Climate Stabilization and Traditional Community Boreal Forest Area in Finland

Healing the Communities and Land of the Standing Rock Nation in Ocethi Sakowin Territory

Using Cutting-edge Technology to Build Community and Climate Resilience in California’s Vulnerable Oak Savanna with Land Tender

Protecting and restoring Conkouati-Douli in the Congo Basin

Developing a New Regenerative School and Community Farm in Southwest Chicago

Protecting the Biodiverse Daintree Rainforests Flora and Fauna for Future Generations

Powering a Remote Zambian Village with Upcycled EV Bus Batteries

Protecting Nature in Cameroon by Centering Social Justice and Women Empowerment

Increasing Smallholder Farm Yields in Kenya through Innovative Solar-powered Refrigeration Units

Protecting Belize’s Biodiversity and Enhancing Community Livelihoods through Women-led Conservation

Empowering Rural Women as Agricultural Entrepreneurs in the Marathwada Region of Western India

Protecting Imperiled Wolves in the Northern Rockies Region Through Compassionate Conservation

Protecting Imperiled Wolves in the Great Lakes Region Through Compassionate Conservation

Empowering a Student-led Initiative to Restore and Rewild the 700-acre Campus of Emory University

Supporting BIPOC Farmers to Measure and Monetize Regenerative Agricultural Practices in the Southeastern US

Strengthening Community Management of Biodiversity and Food Systems in Ecuador’s Andean Highlands

Supporting Women-led Micro-enterprises to Protect Biodiversity and Rebuild Communities in Central Mexico

Improving Human and Environmental Health Through Indigenous, Women-led Regenerative Farming and Reforestation in Guatemala

Scaling Mountain Forest Restoration to Increase Water Security for Communities in the Andean Region

Restoring Traditional Agroecological Cotton Production in Tamil Nadu, India

Supporting Black Women farmers working to expand regenerative agriculture in the Southeastern US

Preserving the Navajo Agro-Pastoral Lifeway: an Indigenous-led Navajo-Churro Wool Cooperative

Catalyzing Agroecological Regeneration through the California Cotton and Climate Coalition

Securing Community Land Tenure in Eastern Congo as a Means to Save the Critically Endangered Grauer’s Gorilla

Providing Emergency Relief for Clean Energy Entrepreneurs Working on ‘Last Mile’ Access in Uganda

Nurturing the Next Generation of Women Scientists Working to Create a Sustainable Future in Africa

Training a New Generation to Create Resilient Livelihoods Through Permaculture Farming

Strengthening Agroecology-based Local Food Systems through Preserving Traditional Knowledge and Species

Building Food Security by Training a New Generation of Agroecological Farmers in Colombia

Expanding Diverse and Resilient Food Systems for Landless Farmers in Zimbabwe

Advocating for Agroecology to Increase Food Security and Reduce Climate Impacts in Senegal and Beyond

Providing Solar-power Lighting and Telecommunications for off-the-grid Communities in the Philippines

Building a Slow Food ‘Earth Market’ in Central and Eastern Africa

Building Capacity for Women Entrepreneurs Driving the Clean Energy Transition in India

We Are the Solution: A Women-led Campaign to Teach Agroecology in West Africa and Increase Access to Nutritious, Ancestral Foods

Enhancing Forest Resilience through the Mother Tree Project in British Columbia

Supporting Solar-powered Conservation of the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe

Improving Crop Yields for Small Farmers in Nepal with Solar-powered Water Pumps

Aligning Agriculture and Conservation at the Jalama Canyon Ranch Center in California

Securing Loan Funding for Solar Micro-grids in Indigenous Philippine Communities

Scaling ‘Last Mile’ Energy Access in Uganda

Strengthening Indigenous-led Mapping and Real-time Monitoring in the Upper Amazon

Pioneering a New Model of Indigenous-led Conservation in the Upper Amazon

Revitalizing Lynx Management for the Western United State’s New Wildfire Reality

Building Momentum for Clean Energy Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

Pioneering a New Wave-based Renewable Energy Source for Coastal Fishing Communities

​Supporting Local Communities in Timor-Leste to Protect and Manage Areas of Exceptional Marine Biodiversity

Protecting Wild Sumatran Rhinos in West Leuser, Indonesia

Transferring Traditional Knowledge by Supporting Women to Build Heirloom Seed Businesses in Karnataka, India

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs to Scale Clean Cookstoves across Nigeria

Scaling Climate Resilience Initiatives in Kenya through the Women’s Earth Alliance Accelerator

Scaling Climate Resilience Initiatives in Indonesia through the Women’s Earth Alliance Accelerator

Expanding Protection of Elephants in the Central Afrotropics Region

Empowering the Peasant Movement of the Philippines to Secure Land Tenure Rights and Create a Climate-resilient Food System

Reconnecting the Indigenous Peoples of Central Asia to Preserve their Natural Landscapes and Promote Sustainable Food Systems

Designing a Zero-carbon City of the Future for Hamburg, Germany

Designing a Zero-carbon City of the Future for Sydney, Australia

Rebalancing the Snow Leopard Ecosystem in Eastern Eurasia

Preserving Critical Rainforests and Transforming Education at Sophia Point, Guyana

Propagating Native Plants and Revitalizing Ecological Practices of Indigenous Women in the Mississippi Delta

Protecting and Restoring the Itombwe Rainforest through Community Action in the Congo

Defending the Tongass Rainforest of Alaska through Women-led Indigenous Action

Securing the Boden Creek Corridor in Belize, linking the Mountains and the Sea

Protecting America’s Prairie and Wildlife by Expanding Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve

Saving the Endangered Western Chimpanzee Population of Bossou in West Africa

Protecting Habitat for Four Species of Endangered Pangolin in Uganda

Promoting Farmer-to-Farmer Training across South Asia through the Amrita Bhoomi School

Achieving Food Sovereignty for Mayan Farmers through Agroecology

Promoting Heirloom Seeds and Traditional Andean Foods through the Agroecological Collective of Ecuador

Integrating Science and Traditional Practices to Bolster the Livelihoods of Farmers in Southern Mexico

Creating Biodiversity Value Chains for 70 Forest Products to Conserve the Cerrado in Brazil

Advancing Indigenous Solutions for Climate Change and Food Security in Melanesia

Preserving Peru’s Biocultural Heritage through the Quechua-led Andean Potato Park

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